The Dons Trust Board is seeking a Treasurer

The Trust’s Treasurer, Mukesh Desai, has decided to stand down, owing to the conflicting pressures of his day-job and performing the role of Treasurer. The board wishes to extend its thanks to Mukesh for the valuable work he has performed for us over the past year. Mukesh has kindly agreed to remain in post for a few more weeks until the Trust’s year-end accounts have been prepared.

The Trust’s board wishes to recruit a suitably qualified Treasurer to replace Mukesh. In the event that we are not able to appoint a qualified accountant, candidates lacking formal accountancy qualifications but with the right skills may be considered for the role of Assistant Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer would report to a Dons Trust Board member who would be appointed as Treasurer to oversee the Assistant Treasurer’s work.

Reporting to the Dons Trust Board, the Treasurer will look after the accounts and banking transactions of the Dons Trust, a Registered Society with an annual turnover of over £160,000.

Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping accounts up to date and preparation of annual report
  • Liaison with auditors to ensure that the annual reports are signed off on a timely basis
  • Reconciliation of bank balances
  • Managing the administration of the Dons Trust Bonds and Plough Lane Bonds
  • Making payments on behalf of the Dons Trust
  • Monthly reconciliation and summary of receipts of funds for Dons Draw, membership and donations
  • Periodic monitoring of PayPal receipts and summarising transactions.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have suitable accounting qualifications and, if not qualified, sufficient understanding of bookkeeping and accounting so as to prepare the Trust’s accounts and financial statements
  • Be proficient with Excel (although the Board would be open to proposals for migrating to a suitable accountancy software package if that were beneficial)
  • Be prepared to spend approximately 15-20 hours per month on average on these activities, including a relatively busy period in the autumn during finalisation of the annual accounts and audit.

As this is not a position on the board, the Treasurer will not be expected to participate in annual board elections in order to continue as Treasurer beyond the year-end.

For further background on the Trust’s financial position, see the Trust’s most recent annual report for the year to 30 June 2019.

Please note this is a voluntary role and is therefore unpaid.


To find out more about the role, please contact our current Treasurer, Mukesh Desai, via

To apply for the position, please email the Dons Trust’s Chair, Mark Davis, via

If applying, please send your CV and a covering letter or email explaining why you consider yourself suitable for the role(s).

You should also provide the name and contact details of two referees who can be approached before a final appointment is made.

Applications should be submitted by Sunday 31 May 2020 and shortlisted candidates should expect to be interviewed (via Skype or similar platform) shortly thereafter. The Board intends to make an appointment during the course of June.