A graphic showing a stylised calendarThe Dons Trust launches the Fan Engagement Calendar

The Dons Trust Board is delighted to introduce the Fan Engagement Calendar.

As owners of the club, the fans are at the heart of everything the Dons Trust Board does and, with board members seeking to engage with members more than ever before, we thought it fitting to formalise the ways in which we can work together to make the club as successful and forward-thinking as it can possibly be.

In recent months, the club and board have worked together to consult fans on everything from 2020-21 season ticket prices to the launch of the Dons Debenture and where you spoke, we listened – tailoring the offering to what fans decided was important. Just recently we asked you to help shape the Plough Lane matchday experience – and thousands of fans responded to give us a detailed steer on how to make our new stadium as homely as possible.

But we don’t want to stop there – because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

So now the board have teamed up with football engagement experts and volunteers from within our fanbase to produce the Fan Engagement Calendar (FEC) – a set-in-stone diary of consultations, focus groups and surveys which will mean fans have a say on many of the most important things we do.

In short, by formalising dates through the year, we want to ensure fan consultation isn’t overlooked or forgotten about.

Kicking off the FEC is the first in a series of Meet Your DTB surgeries – a monthly online meeting giving fans the opportunity to question and chat with DTB members about their specialist areas and beyond.

The first broadcast will take place on Friday 24 July, with Luke Mackenzie and Graham Stacey hosting. Opted-in DT members should have received an invite over the last few days, or can register here. Please contact Hannah Kitcher via hannah.kitcher@thedonstrust.org if you need any support.

Further Meet Your DTB dates will be published on the Dons Trust website shortly.

While the uncertainty about when the last season would end and when football will return has made pencilling in dates more difficult than it would otherwise have been, the below are designed to be annual events. The DTB pledges to share results and to compare results year-on-year so that we are able to, as one, work together towards the best possible results.

Because We are fans. We are owners. We are Wimbledon.

The Dons Trust Fan Engagement Calendar

JANUARY – Ticketing and Pricing

We will be surveying fans every January for their thoughts on ticket prices for the following season. The results will then be incorporated into a Club Ticketing & Pricing presentation voted on at the March Dons Trust SGM and form the basis of the following season’s ticket offering.

APRIL – Matchday Experience

Having just asked the fans to help shape the matchday experience at Plough Lane (July 2020) we will be following up every April – meaning fans are able to reflect on the season as it draws to an end, while giving us a real opportunity to make any tweaks or possible improvements ahead of the next season. By surveying fans annually, we will be able to gauge satisfaction levels and take action accordingly.

MAY – Merchandise

This focus group will be the fans’ chance to rate us how we are doing, suggest new items and discuss pricing.

OFF-SEASON – The Bigger Picture

An in-depth consultation allied with fan focus groups to discuss and shape the club’s short and long-term direction. Annual findings will be able to be compared to previous year’s results to see what patterns and shifts in priority emerge.

OCTOBER – Junior Dons

This poll is a chance for the next generation of Dons fans to get involved in telling us what they like best about following AFC Wimbledon, and what we could do better.

NOVEMBER – Food & Beverages

We will be surveying fans on how we are doing at the stadium’s pub and bars and food outlets as we approach the end of the year. Whether we are getting it right or wrong, we want to hear your ideas on how to keep things fresh, relevant and appealing.

MONTHLY – Ongoing Meet Your DTB surgeries

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Fan Engagement Calendar please contact us via contact@thedonstrust.org.