Junior Dons LogoHappy Birthday, Junior Dons – a message from Terrell Thomas

Terrell Thomas has sent a special message to the Junior Dons who are celebrating their birthday in July and August. Unfortunately, as there are still no games, and therefore no matchday programmes where the birthdays would normally be printed, the Club and Dons Trust would like to wish happy birthday to all the Junior Dons who are celebrating their birthday’s in July and August.

As well as Terrell, Haydon the Womble has also sent his birthday message.

Haydon Womble Happy Birthday Junior Dons

Junior Dons will still receive their player-signed cards. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we aren’t yet able to get the players to sign them so the cards are pre-printed.  We will, of course, revert to individually signed cards as soon as we can.

Happy birthday to all the Junior Dons celebrating in July and August (full list below). We hope you all have special days and, of course, are staying safe.

Safia Birch 4
Joshua Moazami 15
Thomas McTernan 7
Fallon McNulty 14
Sophia Wilson 13
Taijha Gomes 12
Macie Dyke 15
Robert Luhr Smith 11
Harrison Frost 13
Poppy Hood 1
George Bellamy 9
Dwayne Campbell 11
Belle Godfrey 13
Olivia Armfield 3
Josiah Burvill 12
Edward Beeson 8
Lily Newell 13
Haydon Edgerton-Hayter 5
Layla Fletcher 8
Sophie Derry 11
Zoe Walters 14
Francis Wiggins 15
Max Kennett 16
Daisy Abberly 15
Cerys Griffiths-Jones 16
Theodore Stern 5
Lily Rose Lowndes 13
Cerys McGowan 11
Poppy Hetherington 10
Eloise Craddock 5
Grace Barrett 13
Stacey Qosja 15
Justin Clarke 12
Corbin Williams 16
Freddie Kirk 4
Henry Boud 1
Evan Hubble 16
Jack Croucher 15
Charlie Sleight 13
Charlie Lake 9
Poppy Tutt 11
George Godfrey 10
Lucas Munoz 10
Lexi Hamilton-Warford 11
Harry Ringsell 11
Grace Adams 5
Stanley Williamson 12
Ripley Veall 11
Joseph Francis 13
Charlotte Isabel Grindley 13
Luke Stringer 11
Noah Clarke 7
Oscar Athill 12
Joseph Harris 14
Eimah Heduvan 15
Nina Drake 14
Aurélie Séné 13
Tom Hickman 13
Sophia Fenster 15
Kane Harrold 15
Roza Klincewicz 14
Freddie Phelan 12
James Kennett 13
Reuben Harris 15
Lewis Bailey 7
Kirsty Bhalla 10
Jack McGibbon 12
Neve Matthews 15
Felix Drummond 11
Jessica Burford 4
Olly Johnston 5
George McGreig 14
Iris Coulber 6
Michael Lonsdale 16
Jack Stammers 13
Freddie Offer 4
Anna Maria Lobefalo 14