Mark DavisDons Trust Board Announcement

Mark Davis, Chair of the Dons Trust Board (DTB) has advised the DTB of his intention to stand down at the 2020 AGM.  Until then, Mark will continue his duties in full, including continuing to chair the board and the Stadium Committee. His departure means that there will be five board places in the upcoming election.

Mark says:

“After a lot of thought, I have decided to stand down from the Dons Trust Board at the 2020 AGM. By then, I will have served on the board for seven years and, with the stadium nearing completion, the time has come for me to take a back seat (in Row Q, to be precise).

I’m grateful for the support of the DTB over my three years as Chair. It’s been a very eventful period, and chairing the DTB has been a very demanding role, as well as a huge privilege.
Even though we’re finishing the stadium, the workload of the board is going to continue to be very significant. So I owe it to Trust members, DTB colleagues, my family and myself to recognise that my enthusiasm to commit so much time and energy to the Trust is beginning to fade. I shall continue to work hard on the Trust’s behalf, alongside my DTB colleagues, between now and December and I wish my successor, whoever they may be, every success in the role.”

Jane Lonsdale, Vice Chair of the Dons Trust Board, said:

“I’d like to thank Mark, on behalf of the Trust, for his work on the Dons Trust Board over the last seven years.  Mark has worked tirelessly on many projects including fundraising, strategy and as Vice Chair of the Trust before being elected as chair by his fellow board members in 2018. Most recently Mark has spent an immeasurable number of hours guiding the Stadium Committee to deliver our stadium in Plough Lane.  I am sure that without Mark’s drive and determination we would not be at the point of returning home. My personal thanks to Mark for his excellent counsel and support as a Board Member. Thank you Mark.”

More information on the 2020 DTB election will follow shortly.


  1. A lot of us, myself included, were wrong about selling shares to the 3 investors. The bond succeeded beyond anything some of us thought possible.
    That said, Mark has always acted in what he believed was the best interests of the club.
    He deserves our thanks for all f his hard work.

  2. Sorry to see Mark Davis step down as has done a lot of work not seen by many behind the scenes all as a volunteer.

    At least the Wimbledon Way articles with their negative comments has helped their agenda.

    I look forward to seeing a couple of names who signed those articles on the ballot list so as they can get voted in and can be help account instead of criticising others who working hard on our behalf.

  3. Congratulations on everything you’ve worked hard on over the past 7 years.
    Remarkable achievement for AFCW.
    It was always a pleasure to work with you.
    Wishing you good health and lot of winning games at the New Stadium.

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