The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersAnnouncement of outcome of recent recruitment of Election Steering Group Chair 

Following a decision by John Dolan to stand down as Chair of the Trust’s Election Steering Group (ESG), the Dons Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of two new volunteers to the ESG.

Alex Folkes will chair the ESG and is hugely qualified to do so, as he spends his life commenting on the conduct of elections around the world. Alex will be a familiar face to many Dons fans, having spent many years as a matchday photographer for us.

David Hall will support Alex. Again, David will be a familiar face to Dons Trust members, having spent many years as DT Secretary.

Commenting on the appointment, Dons Trust Chair Mark Davis said:

“I’d like to thank John Dolan for all his work on the ESG since 2003 and his work as Chair of the ESG since 2014. Every election throws up slightly different issues, and John has been both scrupulously fair and diligent in seeing them through to a fair conclusion. It can be a lot of work, in a short space of time, and John deserves a break after so many years of dedicated service to the Trust. I’m delighted to welcome Alex Folkes as replacement Chair, and also to welcome back David Hall, albeit in a slightly different capacity. I am confident that both have tremendous value to add.

The forthcoming Trust election is an important one because, with the stadium now nearing completion, 2021 offers the opportunity for the Dons Trust board to think afresh about priorities for the coming years. I am looking forward to an energetic election, and to great candidates stepping forward, eager to take the Dons Trust and AFC Wimbledon on to its next phase, back in Plough Lane.”

As advised previously, there will be five board places available in the election. Four board members (Anna Kingsley, Hannah Kitcher, Luke McKenzie and Anne Williams) have completed their elected term and, as previously announced, Mark Davis has decided to stand down from the Dons Trust board at the 2020 AGM so that place will be incorporated into this year’s election).