Important communication for Plough Lane Bondholders – bank account details and interest payments

An important email about the Plough Lane Bond is currently being sent out to those Bondholders whose bank account details are incomplete or that we need to confirm. The email is not being sent to all bondholders – only those that we need to confirm details for.

The email covers the arrangements for annual interest payments early next year, which will start from 1 February. In order for us to pay you the interest due on your Bond, we need to make sure all of your bank details are correctly entered on the Plough Lane Bond website and so we are asking everyone to check their details, including that the name of the account is their own name. If you bought a Plough Lane Bond please do look out for the email (although please be aware that we will not write to you if the records we hold for you are complete).

If we do not have the correct bank details for you, the interest payment will not be made on time. If your bank account details have changed since you ordered your Bond please get in touch with us using the email: