Plough Lane Bond 2 – Last Orders

Plough Lane Bond 2 will close in two weeks, having provided the funding required to complete construction of Plough Lane stadium. So there is still time to get any last orders in before the closing date: 10.10.22. The Plough Lane Bond has raised almost £9.5m across its two iterations at a composite interest rate of below 4%. Its launch allowed the stadium construction to continue on track for the club’s return in 2020 and the second tranche enabled the plc..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust and AFC Wimbledon Finance Update


We would like to update fans on the financial situation and deliver the very good news that the initial April 2022 refinancing target has been met. At the end of April, the MSP loan that was secured against the stadium will be repaid which means the club will be free of any secured debt. This is down to the incredible efforts of Plough Lane Bond investors, a further sale of equity and a short-term loan from Cherry..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club Owners3.3 is the magic number as Plough Lane Bond remains open

Having smashed its initial target, fhe Dons Trust is delighted to accounce that their Plough Lane Bond scheme remains open. Already this year more than £2.4m has been invested in the scheme, which is continuing to aim at a new target of all the threes: “3.3 by 3/3”. This hopes to bring the total well over £3m in March.  Bonds can be purchased with a choose your own interest rate of up to 6% for new purchasers, or 7% for..

We Need You! Volunteers Wanted

We need you! Our team of volunteers will be handing out leaflets to promote the Plough Lane Bond at tonight’s game against Rotherham and at upcoming home games. Could you spare an hour ahead of kick-off?As part of our efforts to hit £2.2million on the Plough Lane by 22.2.22 we are also looking to distribute around 20,000 leaflets through letterboxes over the next few weeks and need additional volunteers to help make this happen. If you are able to help,..

Plough Lane Bond 2 aims to top £2m by 22.2.22

The Plough Lane Bond has been upgraded and relaunched for 2022, with a higher interest rate available. The Dons Trust is continuing to administer the scheme and bonds can now earn up to 7% interest per annum.

More than £600,000 has already been invested in the relaunched Bond, which hopes to top £2m before the end of February this year as part of the club’s ongoing efforts to refinance a commercial bridging loan.

Speaking before the Portsmouth game this week,..

Bring the Dons homePlough Lane Bond – interest repayments

It may seem like only yesterday in some respects, but it is actually a little more than a year since fans and the Trust came together to launch the Plough Lane Bond – and our admin team is progressing the second batch of annual interest payments this week.

The scheme, which is still open, has raised more than £5.5m and is the UK’s most successful football club loan scheme. Crucially, it made the difference when it came to financing the..

Plough Lane Bond – one year on

It’s a year since the launch of the Plough Lane Bond, which means our admin team is progressing the first batch of annual interest payments.

The scheme, which is still open, has already raised more than £5.5m to enable the stadium construction to be completed on time and is the UK’s most successful football club loan scheme.

Some Bondholders have contacted us to say they would like to donate their interest back to the club. We are grateful for anyone..

Bring the Dons homePlough Lane Bond: Donations of Interest

Some bondholders have kindly contacted the Dons Trust to ask about reducing the interest rate on their bond or waiving interest payments.

The DT are very grateful to bondholders who have suggested this, recognising the change in the financial landscape since the Bond was launched. We cannot, however, do it at this late stage as it will create considerable administrative complexity (bearing in mind that these are 5, 10 or 20-year loans with agreed terms and conditions).

However, if you..

Important communication for Plough Lane Bondholders – bank account details and interest payments

An important email about the Plough Lane Bond is currently being sent out to those Bondholders whose bank account details are incomplete or that we need to confirm. The email is not being sent to all bondholders – only those that we need to confirm details for.

The email covers the arrangements for annual interest payments early next year, which will start from 1 February. In order for us to pay you the interest due on your Bond, we need..

Update on the Plough Lane Bond

Amidst the recent flurry of activity on debentures, we take this opportunity to provide a brief update on the Plough Lane Bond.

Few supporters will need reminding of the extraordinary success of the Plough Lane Bond, which rapidly raised over £5 million for the stadium financing following its launch in January. Our thanks go to everyone who bought bonds and to the small band of individuals who put in so much work to get it launched.

Understandably, subscriptions have slowed..