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Proposers: Carl Ransome and Tom Case

Ben Ransome

It would be a great privilege to serve on the Wimbledon trust board as a member, following the Dons triumphant return to Plough Lane. To be a very small part of this great club’s history would truly be an honour. 

I believe I have the ability to contribute towards the future of this club and its fans, and I am a strong advocate for fan ownership of our beloved club. I am a Nurse and frontline worker, during the pandemic and now more than ever I understand the importance of community and teamwork. 

I have supported Wimbledon since I was a baby. Watching the Dons rise from the ashes to where they are today is truly humbling. Supporting the club has given me a sense of community like no other and brought my family closer together. 

The story of Wimbledon is one well known to all fans of football. The Dons must remain a fan owned club in order to ensure that the mistakes of the past are never relived. We must allow our brand to grow and attract more fans and continue to support our community as we have done so well. Especially during the pandemic and the challenges we have all faced throughout the last two years.

I wish to bring the many skills I have learned over the years as a nurse to the Dons board room. Commitment, Courage, Compassion, Communication, Competence and Care. I am proud to be a nurse and apply these vital skills to my daily life, I would be proud to be a Dons board member.

The role of a board member must be adaptable with the requirements of the club, fans and trust members. I hope to bring a positive and adaptable attitude to the role so that I can fully fulfil the needs of the club.

As a board member I would be an advocate for the fans and trust members. However, it is important for voters to know what principles I stand for and hopefully agree with.

  • AFC Wimbledon must remain a fan owned club.
  • All the fans and trust member need an advocate and to be heard.
  • Continue to support our local community.
  • Support Employees within the club.
  • Stand against racism, homophobia and other forms of abuse. The future of football is inclusive. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Ben Ransome