The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Board meeting summary – 20 April 2022

On Wednesday 20th April, the Dons Trust board (DTb) gathered via Microsoft Teams for its regular monthly meeting. This is a summary of matters discussed, pending publication of the full minutes.

Attendees were as follows:

From the Dons Trust board (DTb): Charlie Talbot, Freddy Flaxman, Hannah Kitcher, Kris Stewart, Luke Mackenzie, Michele Little, Niall Couper, Graham Stacey, Anne-Marie Godfrey

Apologies: Graeme Price

Also in attendance: Secretary – Martin Newton, Communications Assistant –Matt Stockbridge

The meeting kicked off with a welcome for Anne-Marie and Graeme as new members to the board as communicated to the membership prior to the meeting. Their appointment was unanimously agreed by the board over email and that decision was ratified at this meeting.

Following the stepping down of Xavier Wiggins as Co-Chair, it was agreed unanimously that Kris Stewart be confirmed as Chair and Michele Little as Vice-Chair.

Minutes from the previous three meetings were then considered. The DTb apologised to the Secretary for not having completed its review of the minutes, which will be done this week so they can be published next week.

David Growns then joined the meeting to discuss the finances of running the women’s football team for next season. There was broad discussion around all aspects of the costs and potential incomes associated with matchdays. The board agreed to continue its annual contribution and will present a proposal to the football club for women’s first team football at the stadium for the 2022-23 season.

The next item on the agenda was a discussion of the Interim Chair’s report. This covered a wide range of issues which will then be discussed at the PLC meeting, on Thursday 21st April. These included the future process of first-team management recruitment, the recent ticketing review and ticketing process, and other IT issues.

Michele and Charlie updated the board on the refinancing progress, explaining that the bond has raised more than £3.5million and the MSP debt will be repaid by the end of April. A fuller financial update is being prepared for members before the end of the month.

Any other business included an update from Luke on the proposed memorial garden, which the board now understands will need further planning approval and so may miss the hoped-for August opening date. Niall reported that the Fair Game initiative was again on the agenda at Westminster, with 52 MPs pledging to vote to implement the Fan-Led Review proposals in full. Graham confirmed Hannah and Freddie for the next Meet The DTB session, to take place after the upcoming SGM. And it was reconfirmed that the SGM will be hosted at the Cherry Red Records Stadium and streamed online on 25th May.

The next DT board meeting was confirmed as the 18th of May.