The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersMatt Lowndes steps down from the DTB

Matt Lowndes is to step down from the board of The Dons Trust with immediate effect.

Matt said, “I have reluctantly decided to step down from the Board.

“I do not feel I can align my manifesto promises with the current communication issues across the club and therefore it is only right and proper I stand aside. I wish the existing board all the best and hope to stand again at some point in the future.”

DT board chair Kris Stewart said “the board – every one of us – is very sorry to see Matt go, but we understand and respect his decision. We look forward to working closely with Matt in future and we know his drive and enthusiasm will not be lost to the Dons Trust.”

The board is discussing how to fill the gap left by Matt’s decision, and will communicate further on this as soon as possible.


  1. Finally some integrity being shown. Shame it means good people have to step down. Shame on Kris and the others on the DTB who perpetuate this horrible culture we’ve become afflicted with.

  2. Shame but the Dons Trust moves on. Thank you for your hard work Mr L!

  3. The dons trust board Is excellent and making good choices with each day that passes. Keep up the good work

  4. Pity he couldn’t stay and help address the issues of concern, although I assume he was trying to do so. I’m very supportive of the concept of the Dons Trust and fan ownership, so let’s address why this has happened.

  5. How many more decent fans will get burned by the DTB experience before the club smells the coffee?

  6. I think the DTB is not fit for purpose and things are on a declining path with Kris as chair. The legend has done wonders for this club but is now doing more harm than good. Nobody wants to see him face a vote of no confidence. Maybe a quiet and dignified exit is called for to allow the club to take a much needed step forward.

  7. I think there should be more understanding of the role of the Dons Trust Board, and less of the mindless criticism from those who don’t understand how difficult their job is, in the situation of one relegation, followed by another near-relegation. Get off their backs, guys!

  8. Be great to understand what the commutation issues are if they’re making DTB members feel they are conflicting and need to step down.

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