Dons Trust Board Meeting 13/03/24

The latest Dons Trust Board meeting was held on Wednesday 13th March at Plough Lane. Apologies were received from Graeme, Hannah, Anuk, Andrea and George.


Ratification of email decisions

The email decision to appoint Michele Gull and Dan Johnson to the PLC board as NEDs was confirmed.

The email decision to co-opt James Longhurst to the DTB was confirmed. James L will join the MS&E and Culture, Mission, and Oversight theme groups.


Theme Groups


An update was given on the EFL D&I survey, and thanks was given to Paul Munro who provided a presentation on the amazing work the AFCW Foundation is doing.

There was also praise for the recent WOWSA women’s panel event and Dear England screening.

Arrangements were confirmed for the Open Iftar which is due to take place next week.


Member services and Engagement

A discussion was held in relation to membership offerings for next season and a survey to go out to members.


Culture and Mission and Oversight

The FSA governance review is underway and they have received all relevant papers.

An infographic is being prepared for publication to state the board’s high level KPIs.

A discussion was held in relation to the next steps in the debt management process.

A discussion was held in relation to the agenda for the spring SGM.

George Jones

Assistant Secretary