James Longhurst co-opted on to the Dons Trust Board

Following on from an appeal in the newsletter, The Dons Trust Board have appointed James Longhurst to the DTB. James is co-opted until our AGM in December 2024.

James joins us with a passion for clear communication and impactful content. He has extensive experience in media and publishing, having worked with organisations like the Guardian, Telegraph, and the Times.

James’ expertise extends beyond publications, as he successfully supports organisations of various sizes through his own business. Helping them develop high quality content, thriving communities and achieve commercial success.

His earliest Wimbledon memories were walking to matches from the High Path Estate to Plough Lane and he now watches games with his Wimbledon mad kids from Block 123 in the East Stand.

Michele, Angus and Mark interviewed a very capable group of candidates who applied and such was their quality that we would have liked to co-opt more than one. Unfortunately the rules we follow mean that we are unable to do so due the ratio of co-opted to elected that would result if we did.