A summary of resolutions at the upcoming SGM (22 April 2024)

We have been asked by some members to provide an overview of the resolutions we are voting on at the SGM. 

You can find all our SGM and AGM papers here: https://thedonstrust.org/general-meetings/

We know that the upcoming votes contain a lot of technical and legal details. We understand from questions raised that some members would like an overview as well as the full papers. 

The Dons Trust Chair has responded to some questions elsewhere on this with a summary and we thought it well worth repeating here to a larger audience.

We are voting on 6 resolutions focused on some changes to bring us in line with the Companies Act (2006) and controls to safeguard fan ownership.

They are: 

Resolution 2: to change the PLC board structure from 2 reps for minority shareholders and up to 6 non-executive directors to be 8 in total from either group.

Resolution 3: to ensure that whatever else happens the DT voting rights in the club always keep us fan-owned with an absolute minimum of 50.01% of the voting rights.

(There will still be a specific provision in the Dons Trust constitution and the AFCW PLC Articles which provides for a further specific Dons Trust member vote being required before action is taken before the voting rights of the Dons Trust in AFCW PLC can fall below 75%.)

Resolution 4: to limit one person to no more than 15% of the voting rights in the club.

Resolution 5: to block any sale of shares that would end up with one person having more than 15% of the voting rights in the club.

Resolution 6: to tidy up the PLC rules for legal (Companies Act) changes that came in in 2006 (long overdue).

Resolution 7: to permit the club to share papers with shareholders by email and the website primarily instead of post. Shareholders can still insist on getting them by post.

As outlined in your SGM voting email (Subject line: Your Vote in the Dons Trust SGM 22 April 2024), members can vote online in advance of the meeting, online on the night, or in person on the night.