Membership 24/25 – Come Together

The Dons Trust and AFC Wimbledon have launched our joint membership for 24/25.

You can read about the rights and benefits members receive in more detail on the dedicated membership page on the new Club website:

You can also purchase standalone Dons Trust membership here:

Come on You Dons!

AFC Wimbledon Finance Report, Cover Page ImageAFC Wimbledon Finance Update – June 2024

The Dons Trust board, working with the finance committee and AFCW PLC have put together a Finance Report that explains our current finances, the wider context in which we operate in, and some of the choices we will need to make in the near future as a Club and as members.

The report was created to give Dons Trust members, Plough Lane bondholders, investors and fans some more insight into where we are today, and what the future could..

Dons Trust KPIs, income and membership update

The Dons Trust board has published a shared set of KPIs, and historic membership data for the first time

The end of the football season is a great time for an update. Earlier in the year the Dons Trust board promised to publish a list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to provide members with a view on how the board is working and measuring its effectiveness.

We will report on our performance against these KPIs..

South Stand Dons – please be in the stand for 2.45 pm tomorrow – Saturday 27th April

The Dons Trust is delighted to back a fan-led protest at Plough Lane tomorrow and asks for fans in the South Stand (Reston Waste stand) to be in their seats by 2.45 pm to help.

AFC Wimbledon fans have once again risen to the occasion and the Dons Trust are delighted to support a fan-initiated protest against the proposed changes to the FA Cup.

(You can read the Club statement on the..

Season tickets and membership 24/25 – Joining the dots

Dear members,

As owners and supporters of AFC Wimbledon we are a collective, as individuals we all have our own personal stories of how we became Wimbledon fans and Dons Trust members. And we are all united by our passion for Wimbledon and by our responsibilities as its stewards and owners.

Since moving back to Plough Lane, our crowds have nearly doubled, and we’ve attracted waves of new fans of all ages to..

Proposed changes to the FA Cup

The Dons Trust Board condemns the decision taken unilaterally by the Premier League to change the format of the FA Cup, and wholeheartedly supports the statement released by AFC Wimbledon today, which you can read in full here:


A summary of resolutions at the upcoming SGM (22 April 2024)

We have been asked by some members to provide an overview of the resolutions we are voting on at the SGM. 

You can find all our SGM and AGM papers here:

We know that the upcoming votes contain a lot of technical and legal details. We understand from questions raised that some members would like an overview as well as the full papers. 

The Dons Trust Chair has responded to some questions elsewhere on this with a summary and..