Dons Trust Board Meeting 13/03/24

The latest Dons Trust Board meeting was held on Wednesday 13th March at Plough Lane. Apologies were received from Graeme, Hannah, Anuk, Andrea and George.


Ratification of email decisions

The email decision to appoint Michele Gull and Dan Johnson to the PLC board as NEDs was confirmed.

The email decision to co-opt James Longhurst to the DTB was confirmed. James L will join the MS&E and Culture, Mission, and Oversight theme groups.


Theme Groups


An update was..

James Longhurst co-opted on to the Dons Trust Board

Following on from an appeal in the newsletter, The Dons Trust Board have appointed James Longhurst to the DTB. James is co-opted until our AGM in December 2024.

James joins us with a passion for clear communication and impactful content. He has extensive experience in media and publishing, having worked with organisations like the Guardian, Telegraph, and the Times.

James’ expertise extends beyond publications, as he successfully supports organisations of various sizes through his own business. Helping them develop high..

Volunteer Opportunity: Join The Election Steering Group

Are you passionate about our club and its democratic, engaged approach? If so, the Dons Trust would benefit from your assistance. As the supporters’ organisation which owns AFC Wimbledon football club, the Dons Trust is looking for volunteers to assist our Election Steering Group (ESG) in managing our annual elections where our membership elects their representatives onto the Dons Trust Board. We are currently seeking two or more enthusiastic people to join the ESG. As well as being part of..

‘Dear England’ 11/03/24 @Plough Lane

The Dons Trust showed “Dear England” in the Viticult Lounge at Plough Lane on Monday March 11 at 7pm.

This is the film of the National Theatre’s play about Gareth Southgate’s team in the run-up to the semifinals at the 2018 World Cup, the 2020 European Championship final at Wembley Stadium, and the quarterfinal of the 2022 World Cup.

We showed it at the invitation of  the National Theatre who were keen to reach out to football clubs with a..

Two extra volunteers support the Dons Trust Membership team

We are delighted to announce two extra volunteers to support the Dons Trust Membership team led by Stephen Godfrey:

Gary Jordan

Having been a Dons Trust member since its very early inception, over the past decade or so Gary has become more active in helping with the Trust and been part of some great working groups. More recently he helped with the ProBoards admin, and also responding to the many emails that come into the main Trust account. Gary believes..

Board meeting report 7/02/24

The latest board meeting was held at Plough Lane on Wednesday 7th February. Apologies were received from Hannah Kitcher with Anuk Teasdale and Andrea Knox joining online.

Ratification of email decisions

It was confirmed that Andrea Knox was appointed as Secretary with George Jones continuing as Assistant Secretary.

Co-Opting new board members

The board discussed co-opting new members as an alternative to a by-election.

Theme Groups


An update was given on some upcoming events to be held..

Dons Trust appoints new Secretary

The Dons Trust Board are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Secretary, Andrea Knox, to work alongside George Jones who is our Assistant Secretary.

Andrea Knox is both a Solicitor and a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. She was born around the corner in Wandsworth and worked for a number of years in the City and abroad before moving to North Wales but is still a regular visitor to London to watch AFC Wimbledon and visit family. In her..

Board meeting report 10/01/24

The latest Dons Trust board meeting was at Plough Lane on Wednesday evening, 11 January. James Macdonald & new board member Hannah Kitcher dialled in and Anuk Teasdale gave her apologies due to other commitments.

Board roles

Michele Little was reconfirmed as DT Board Chair and Angus Fox was appointed as Vice Chair. Thanks given to Graeme Price for his time as Vice Chair. The theme group teams were confirmed, Michele, Graeme and James were reconfirmed as PLC..