Summary of additional DTB meeting

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held an additional meeting at The Cherry Red Records Stadium on Sunday, May 3. Ahead of publication of the redacted minutes, this article summarises the main points that were discussed.

This additional meeting was arranged at short notice as there hadn’t been enough time during the scheduled April meeting to cover all of its agenda.

The majority of this additional meeting was devoted to discussing the future of the Kingsmeadow site and engagement with Kingstonian supporters during the process. This topic remains commercially sensitive and so unfortunately can’t be covered in greater depth at this point.

After that, while approving the minutes from the March 16 DTB meeting, the DTB agreed that Nigel Higgs’ original paper on the London Living Wage should be published online. The board agreed that there should be a general presumption towards publishing papers such as this unless the material is commercially sensitive. The board also agreed to publish its priorities for 2015.

There was then discussion about monitoring DTB members’ activities and action points. As well as discussing ways of ensuring that action points that arise during DTB meetings are properly followed up, many board members felt that publishing a monthly summary of what individual DTB members have been up to would help increase transparency and awareness of work that the DTB does outside its monthly meetings. Although it was pointed out that some roles mean some DTB members will seem less active than others, it was agreed that this was a good principle and that it’s up to members to decide whether the work done is sufficient.

The DTB then received an update on progress with a new DT stall for match days (the area near the ticket-collection kiosk will be paved before the new season) and Webjam (which is set to progress to testing by a user group).

Any other business included:

In attendance from the DTB were: Matthew Breach, Mark Davis, David Growns, Nigel Higgs, Zoe Linkson, Jane Lonsdale and Kris Stewart. Apologies were received from Moorad Choudhry and Sean McLaughlin.