Changes to the Dons Trust secretariat

Dons Trust chair Matthew Breach has news of recent changes to the make-up of the secretariat, which provides essential support to the Dons Trust Board.

The Dons Trust recently advertised for people to fill roles within the secretariat, the body of volunteers who support the Dons Trust Board in undertaking its work in the areas of governance, compliance, organisation and communication.

The secretariat is led by the Dons Trust Secretary, a post that had been filled very capably by Rob McGlinchy for over a year. Unfortunately for us – but obviously fortunately for Rob – his company has recently undergone a significant expansion, and he has reluctantly had to stand down as Secretary due to his increased work commitments.

While Rob leaves with our thanks for all his efforts, I’d like to welcome Tom Brown as our new Secretary. Tom joined us for the March board meeting as an observer and will now take over the formal duties of the role. He is a recently qualified accountant who has supported the Dons for many years and has now decided that it is time to stand up and be counted by helping the club as a volunteer.

We also welcomed Hannah Kitcher to the March board meeting. Hannah has already helped the Trust by assisting the Election Steering Group at the last election with utilising social media and the Trust Webjam, and she has joined the secretariat as a minute-taker and also to assist with communications.

We are still looking for any volunteers who are interested in helping the Dons Trust “behind the scenes” by assisting with the smooth running of the organisation or the continuing efforts to improve communication with our members. If you are interested, please email me.

This article was originally published in the matchday programme for the game against Bristol Rovers, played on April 8, 2017.