The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Programme notes – Oxford 04/05/21

Dons Trust Co-Chair Xavier Wiggins looks back at how far we have come to get home.

One day, somewhere, the full timeline that led to our incredible move back to Plough Lane and acknowledgment of the work of the many, many people who made it happen, needs documenting.

Until then, as we settle into our new home, Iwanted to share with you a recently produced basic timeline, and urge you to think about how the unique coming together of fans,..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Programme notes – Gillingham 17/08/21

Alex Folkes, Chair of the Election Steering Group, looks ahead to this years vote to choose five members of the board.



As a fan-owned club, the ultimate decision makers are the fans whose views are represented by the nine people elected to the Dons Trust Board. This year there will be elections to choose five members of the board.

The key dates are as follows:

Opening of Nominations: 8th October

Close of Nominations: 29th October

Manifestos sent..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Programme notes – Bolton 14/08/21

Done Trist Board Member Niall Couper discusses the importance of the Fair Game movement.

Goosepimples? I reckon. Look around. We did this. The seat you are in. The floodlights arching over you. Every blade of grass in front of you.

Ever since that infamous letter arrived on the doormats of Wimbledon fans back in 2001, insisting that our place in the Football League should be hived off to a town in Buckinghamshire, we as fans have been striving for..

Football Supporters' Association logoSupporter vs community-owned clubs

Tim Hillyer discusses the ongoing debate at The Football Supporters’ Association about the distinction between ‘supporter-owned’ clubs and ‘community-owned’ clubs.

Recent developments at Wrexham and Cork City have thrown supporter ownership of football clubs into question. Is this the latest in a pattern of trust-owned clubs selling out to private ownership, following Portsmouth and others? Is there a limit to the progress of fan-owned clubs?

News that 98.6% of Wrexham trust members had voted to sell their club to a..

Bring the Dons homeIt only took 29 years

Dons Trust Board member, Graham Stacey, looks at the journey that got us back to Plough Lane and what comes next…

When Wimbledon Old Centrals took to the field for the first time 131 years and one day ago, on 2nd November 1889, they surely had no idea of the epic scale of the journey Wimbledon’s football club was embarking on.

Sometimes in life you really do have to stand back, take a breath, and take it all in. Now..


Dons Trust Chair Mark Davis offers a few thoughts about serving on the Dons Trust Board (DTB)

If you are a Trust member considering standing in the board election, you have just three days left to get your application in – the closing date for nominations is 30th October. You can find out here what you need to do. It isn’t too late even if you’re starting from scratch – but you’ll need to hurry.

So, what can you expect..

Jane LonsdaleAn update on Junior Dons and Diversity & Inclusion

Jane Lonsdale, Dons Trust Board Vice-Chair and Chair of the Junior Dons and the Diversity and Inclusion working groups gives an update on recent activities. 

Junior Dons

As members of the Trust, you will be aware that over the summer we launched the new membership packages for the Trust. Working with the club, we have been able to increase the offer and introduced the new Dons Trust Plus membership package and the stadium card. Full details of the packages can..

Graham StaceyNow really is our time

Newly elected Dons Trust Board member Graham Stacey was planning to tell you what it’s like to be on the board. But now that will have to wait …

They do say that timing is everything. For this, my first ever Dons Trust page, I was going to be writing about what people could expect if they were ever to be elected to the Dons Trust Board. But I do hope it won’t be too often that anyone is elected..

Tim HillyerWho governs English football?

Problems at EFL clubs in the past year have brought the governance of the game into question. Dons Trust Board member Tim Hillyer reports on an initiative by the Football Supporters’ Association to tighten things up.

The early months of this season saw the demise of Bury FC, along with points deductions for both Bolton Wanderers and Macclesfield Town. These clubs’ offenses included not paying debts, lack of realistic financial projections, no security of tenure of their stadium, not fulfilling..

The Dons Trust logoIt’s more than about the 90 minutes

When we get together with our mates and reminisce about games we saw many years ago, some of the best memories are of what happened before and after the game. And now, says Dons Trust Board member Luke Mackenzie, there is a new comms platform you can use to help shape your total matchday experience at the new stadium.

I’d like to start by saying hello and welcome to those who are representing Gillingham FC today. One of the duties..