Announcement of Charles Williams as DTB with Youth Engagement Priority

The Dons Trust Board is delighted to announce that Charles Williams has been co-opted onto the board, in succession to Matt Spriegel, with a brief to boost DT engagement with fans in the 16–35 age bracket.

Charles responded to the original advert last year and just missed out on the appointment at that time. When Matt had to stand down earlier this year the Dons Trust Board agreed that youth engagement remained a priority and agreed to contact Charles to see if he was willing to take on the post.

Charles, 37, is from South-West London and started supporting the Dons in Selhurst Park days. He was a big Vinnie Jones fan and never quite got over Øyvind Leonhardsen leaving.  A former journalist and copywriter, he has worked in the not-for-profit sector for the last decade and currently works in a senior communications role at Marie Curie, the UK’s leading terminal illness charity.

Charles said:

“I’m honoured and delighted to be joining the Board to help take forward this vital work. Younger fans are the future of our club. It’s easy to take supporter ownership for granted after 15 years, but making sure the Dons Trust is open, welcoming and meaningful to supporters of all ages and backgrounds is the only way we’ll maintain it for the generations to come.”

Commenting on Charles’ appointment, Dons Trust Chair Matthew Breach said:

“It remains a priority for the Trust to engage with our younger fans and members. Getting younger people involved in the Trust – as members, volunteers and activists – remains a crucial long-term model of supporter ownership and something the Dons Trust needs to improve on. I am delighted that Charles was available and willing to help the Trust with this important work stream and I look forward to him helping us to connect with younger members and supporters. Charles has some great ideas and plans for engaging with youth and I am sure will be in touch with members and fans soon to seek their help and input.”

Charles was formally co-opted onto the Dons Trust Board at its meeting earlier this month and his position will initially last until the Annual General Meeting (currently scheduled for Thursday 14 December). Dons Trust members can contact Charles via the Trust Webjam* or on his Dons Trust Email