September’s Board Meeting Summary

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held its regular monthly meeting at the Cherry Red Records Stadium on Thursday 14 September 2017.  Ahead of publication of the redacted minutes, this article summarises the main points that were discussed.

The meeting opened with apologies received from Nigel Higgs and David Growns from the DTB.  Erik Samuelson sent apologies from the Football Club Board (FCB) but was represented by both Mick Buckley and Ivor Heller.  Charles Williams (potential co-optee to the Board) was also in attendance, as was Andrew Howell, a new appointee to the board secretariat who has a legal background.

Dons Trust vice chair Mark Davis chaired the meeting as Matthew Breach had only just returned from holiday. Mark opened the meeting by inviting Mick Buckley to update the board following the circulation of the regular FCB Report to the DTB.  Points of note included the progress Frank Thompson (AFC Wimbledon’s Designated Safeguarding Officer) is making on the Club Safeguarding Policy, which is with the FCB for approval.  Frank will come to a DTB meeting in the coming months.

Turning to the new Stadium, it was noted that Merton, Galliard and AFCW continue to make good progress on the final parts of the S106 and supporting document agreements.  A recent meeting between all parties had gone well.  An update was received on the details of the appointment of Andrew Scott Ltd as build contractor for the stadium, as announced at the recent SGM.

The Board then received an update from Sean McLaughlin and Roger Evans following the announcement and advertisement of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) role.  Ivor Heller and Mick Buckley also provided their thoughts on the process and planning for the COO appointment.

The Board then discussed the upcoming Milton Keynes game, noting the success of the game (in terms of safety, lack of trouble and reputational impact) last season and the plans for this season’s game.  It was agreed, as confirmed by the Safety Advisory Group and the police to implement very similar plans to last season’s game.

The DTB then moved to discuss the co-option of a board member to take on the role of youth engagement following the resignation of Matthew Spriegel.  Charles Williams (a shortlisted candidate from the previous co-option exercise) had been contacted as agreed at the last DTB meeting and was willing to take on the role.  He outlined his plans for the role which was followed by a Q&A session with the board.  He then stepped out of the room whilst the Board discussed his co-option.  A unanimous vote confirmed his appointment.

Jane Lonsdale then presented a paper she had circulated on Diversity and Inclusion which set out some options to promote diversity and inclusion within the club.  These included working with Kick it Out and Pride in Football and potentially a screening of the short film Wonderkid.  The board voted unanimously to endorse the proposals in the paper and it was agreed to share the paper with the FCB as it should be a joint initiative with the Club rather than solely a DT activity.

The board then moved to Any Other Business which included a discussion to find a volunteer to run the Junior Dons Christmas Party as no Board volunteer had come forward.  It was agreed Jane would write the Job Description and advert for the role.  The final roundtable updates included a request that an update on the Volunteer Liaison Officer role that was with the FCB should be sought, and a reminder of the Board Training Day run by Supporters Direct at Fulham Football Club on Sunday 24 September.