Rob Crane resigns from Trust board

Dons Trust board member Rob Crane has resigned with immediate effect.

He explained: “I was elected to the board last year and it’s been a real privilege to in that time do my best to represent the views of our members.

“But when members read the paperwork for the SGM that’s being held on 9 December, they’ll realise the serious situation that we’ve reached with the new stadium.

“I should pay tribute to an immense amount of hard work done by so many people to try and steer us away from where we are now, in particular Trust chair Mark Davis and club chief executive Joe Palmer, who are both putting in untold hours to try and make sure the project comes to fruition.

“It’s been a frustrating time for everyone. The desire to be totally open with members has often been butting up against the need to try and appear confident to external stakeholders, such as the banks, who we  have been relying on for a successful outcome.

“But now the crunch time is here. We are where we are. And unfortunately for me one of the things we as a club are now going to have to consider – bringing in external investment – goes against what I personally have for years been saying about how I believe a fan-owned club should be running itself.

“No matter how unpalatable it is to me, we’re going to have to consider that option in order to keep the Plough Lane dream and our club alive. But given my long-standing concerns, it’s not an option that I personally could stomach presenting to our members with my name attached to it.

“I like to think I part on good terms with my fellow board members. This has been a difficult period for everyone. They all feel the burden of people’s expectations. They’re all doing their best for the future of our club. I wish them, and all of us, the best of luck.”

Commenting on Rob’s resignation, Dons Trust chair Mark Davis said: “I’m gutted to see Rob stepping down prematurely as he’s been a very hard-working board member and an excellent vice-chair.

“Over the past year, I’ve valued his wise advice and his keen sense of how to communicate with our members. Having tried and failed to persuade Rob to remain on the board, I of course respect his principled decision to step down.”