Dons Trust Board 2019 Elections Results

The counting of the votes cast in the 2019 election for the Dons Trust Board has taken place. The number of votes cast for each candidate is as follows:

Graham Stacey    493

Tim Hillyer           547

Mark Davis           670

Dennis Lowndes  455

Edward Leek        590

Jane Lonsdale      736

Mark Sturges       306

Anne Williams    470

The two-year terms of five Dons Trust Board members end this year. However, Rob Crane, a continuing member, has resigned from the Dons Trust Board with immediate effect, approximately midway through his two-year term. A few years ago, when another Dons Trust Board member resigned midway through their term, the vacancy was filled by the candidate next in the poll after the members elected for the full two years. The Election Steering Group has decided to follow this precedent.

Therefore, the following candidates are elected for a two-year term:

Jane Lonsdale

Mark Davis

Edward Leek

Tim Hillyer

Graham Stacey

The following candidate is elected for a one-year term:

Anne Williams

The result will be formally announced at the Special General Meeting on Monday 9 December. Subject to the proposed resolution being passed by members, the candidates will take up office then, rather than at the Annual General Meeting. The resolution confirms that the current Board members – retiring and continuing – retain responsibility for the accounts to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

John Dolan

Chair, Election Steering Group