New stadium: Your questions answered

As promised, we have endeavored to answer the questions posted to us in an Open Letter from fans following the release of last week’s Dons Trust statement.

Some of the questions have been amalgamated in order to avoid unnecessary repetition – and some cannot be answered as fully as we would like at this stage. We have made it clear where this is the case.

We have attempted to be as full, frank and forthright as possible. It must be stressed, however, that negotiations are still ongoing and circumstances can change both suddenly and unexpectedly. Naturally, we will update you should that occur.

Questions and answers are available to download in the following pdf document. Please note that text in red has been added since the original document was posted at 13:26 on Dec 4, 2019. 


  1. Why won’t you identify the potential investors? The integrity and reputation of them is so important it makes the discussion about their potential outside investment meaningless without their identity

  2. Is it still possible to participate in the crowdfunding for your new stadium in Plough Lane?

    Please note that I asked this question on the AFC Wimbledon Facebook page on 22 Oct 2019, and repeated it via Twitter on 25 Oct 2019. On both occasions, my questions were IGNORED. Please would you do me the courtesy of a reply. Thank you. 0950 hrs GMT/UTC Thu 05 Dec 2019.
    (PS. I was born and grew up in Wimbledon.)

  3. Hi all,
    Thinking that we build a sensible part of the new stadium through borrowing a manageable amount, avoiding new investors/owners, and plan how to build the remainder in the future.

  4. If we were going to consider giving up our current structure and fan control then we would be selling ourselves well short for the amount of financing being proposed. All this would give us is funding for the existing shortfall and a continuation of our financial hand to mouth struggles.

    I’m totally opposed to these proposals and relinquishing our current proud status of being decidedly fan controlled. I would only be prepared to possibly consider the option being put forward if it was a significantly larger amount that would, in addition to delivering a stadium that we could be proud of, give us financial security for a decent player budget and running costs for the next 5 years or so.

  5. If investors are not willing to accept a maximum of 49% of the votes and are able to sell on their shares, there will be nothing to stop Winkelman getting control of our club!!!!!!!!

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