Show your love and invest in the Plough Lane Bond

The deadline for the Plough Lane Bond is fast approaching and while it has been a fantastic success so far (almost £4.1m raised) we urge all fans who are able to take part, either through the main bond website (for investments of £1,000 up) or the We Are Wimbledon Fund (for investments between £50 and £950), to drive the total to at least the £5m target we have set.
So far the average investment has been £4,000 over a 7-year term at an interest rate of 2%. This puts the club in a really strong position both in terms of the preferential terms the bond delivers and gives the best opportunity to raise the remaining £6m required commercially.
As you will be aware by now, The Plough Lane Bond is critical. It will have a real impact on the shape, sustainability and success of our amazing football club for years, even generations, to come. As a fan-owned club it is important we take responsibility for putting it in the best place possible, and simply speaking, the more raised through the bond, the better it is for the football club.
The bond has really caught the imagination of our own fans, football fans more broadly, the Wimbledon community, and the press. The successful press launch has seen applications flooding in from fans of a host of other clubs who support what AFC Wimbledon stands for. We have seen investors from over 20 countries around the globe.
The press coverage has been incredible with multiple national titles helping support the drive. The Mirror, The Sun, The Express, The Telegraph, Sky Sports News, BBC London, Radio Jackie, City AM, Investor Weekly, South London Press, The Athletic, Mundial, Talk Sport, The Standard, The i, Radio X, The Mail and ITV have all done their bit to raise awareness.
As you read this, dozens of volunteers are walking the streets of Merton and beyond with a target of 1000 streets by this Friday and over 700 done so far. Not to mention 25 train stations and numerous pubs, cafes and other locations.
We had a challenge and we mobilised. It’s what we do at Wimbledon. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done. From leafleters to the admin people handling the certificates and from investors to the people designing the marketing materials. You have all played a critical role in making this happen.
£4.1m has been raised. At an average of just above 2% interest over a 7-year average term.
The initial deadline for applications is midnight on 14th February (yes, a deliberate date to show your love). Payments can be taken after that point but we will be updating the overall financial commitment picture this weekend.

International payment provision is now available and this will be communicated to relevant folks (thanks for your patience) as soon as we can. Please still apply before the deadline.

It has been fantastic so far but it can be even more amazing if we keep working together to support the Bond in whatever way we can.

Xavier, Charlie and Damian
The Plough Lane Bond Team
Plough Lane Bond website
We Are Wimbledon Fund website