Dons Debenture – Priority Group 4 now LIVE!

Following a very successful reservation period amongst AFC Wimbledon Season Ticket holders, bookings are now open for Priority Group 4, including all Dons Trust members.

From today, Dons Trust members, Seedrs investors, Plough Lane Bond holders and AFCW PLC shareholders are able to reserve their seats in the West Stand and East Stand.

We’d like to remind fans from this group who are NOT previous year’s season ticket holders that you can only secure your seat by committing to a Debenture plus non-refundable season ticket or to a Debenture only.

How to access your online account

To access your online account please head over to AFC Wimbledon’s brand new ONLINE TICKETING PLATFORM.

If you haven’t received your login details from the club, please get in touch with the ticket office on 0208 547 3396. Lines will be open Monday – Friday 9 am-5 pm. Alternatively, you can email

Access to iFollow

Everyone buying a Debenture plus non-refundable season ticket will receive free access to watch home league matches online, via iFollow.

Reservations have to be made by 4 October in order to qualify.

If you reserve a Debenture plus non-refundable season ticket before Thursday 17 September you will receive your iFollow code for the match this weekend. Any reservations made after that date will receive their code for the following home league match.

Friends and Family

Following the opening of Priority Group 4 on 16 September 2020 and very high demand for Debentures and Debentures plus non-refundable season tickets we have decided to update rules around purchasing for immediate family members.

Previously the rules stated that Dons Trust members, Seedrs Investors, Plough Lane Bondholders and PLC Shareholders can only buy for fans within this group or last year’s Season Ticket holders.

Due to high demand, we’ve made a decision to now allow fans who are Dons Trust members, Seedrs Investors, Plough Lane Bondholders and PLC Shareholders to have the ability to reserve seats for immediate family members.

Limited Capacity Priority

We’d like to remind all fans of the priority order which will be implemented when we are able to play in front of limited capacity crowds.

Priority group 1 – fans who have purchased a non-refundable season ticket, plus Debenture.

Priority group 2 – fans who have purchased a non-refundable season ticket (and 5-year season ticket holders that choose to have non-refundable next season)

Priority group 3 – fans who have purchased Debenture only (and who will then need to buy a 50% pro-rata season ticket in order to watch matches once playing football in front of spectators resumes) and 5-year season ticket holders who want a pro-rata credit refund in respect of the 2020/21 season.

Payment Stage

The Payment Stage will be launching soon, which will allow you to make payment for reserved seats and season tickets online as well as over the phone.

You will have two payment options:

  • Pay full amount upfront
  • Split your payment into 10 equal payments

Once the payment stage launches, all fans, if they have reserved their seat, will have 14 days to make payment online or over the phone. If payment is not made within 14 days the reserved seats will be released on sale.