Rainbow Laces and Dons 4 Diversity


This Saturday’s game vs Bristol Rovers is the club’s designated Rainbow Laces (#RainbowLaces) campaign game – a reminder that sport should be inclusive for everyone.

As well as the activities around Rainbow Laces, including Rainbow corner flags and players wearing the rainbow laces* and warm up t-shirts, the Dons Trust Diversity and Inclusion Group, working with Anne-Marie Godfrey, are launching the Dons 4 Diversity initiative.

Dons 4 Diversity is a supporter run group for LGBTQ+ Wimbledon fans, their friends and potential new Dons in the area! The aim is to have social gatherings and a members group when we return to a new normal. At the game today the Dons 4 Diversity flag, kindly sponsored by Fans for Diversity, will be the stands – do keep an eye out for it.

More information is available within the Matchday Digital programme, on the Dons Trust official website page, and an article will appear on the Dons Trust official website and the Official Site early next week.

You can also follow the Facebook and Twitter pages @dons4Diversity

*not all players may be wearing the laces, this is because some modern football boots have sewn in laces making it impossible to replace the laces.