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Back in the summer, the Dons Trust conducted a survey of members to find out what they thought about everything to do with Dons Trust membership – seeking to gauge levels of satisfaction with current membership, how you pay for memberships, barriers to membership and interest in additional benefits.
Some 1,208 surveys were completed, the vast majority by existing DT members, of whom roughly half were current season ticket holders.
Below, we have shared the responses in full, and added some commentary or interpretation of the results and recommendations, where relevant.
Dons Trust Membership survey results
  • 1,208 votes – 50/50 split of ST holder to non-season ticket holders
  • 96% were current DT members
  • Over 84% think the £25 fee represents fairly or very good value
  • For those paying £10, 95% think it represents fairly or very good value
  • 82% believe that the £45 DT+ price is fairly or very good value and 86% for the concession DT plus
  • With regards to the £25 price, 57% thought the price should stay the same. DT recommendation – keep the price the same
  • In terms of removing some membership types, only 232 answered with 976 skipped
  • 63% thought that new members should get a pin badge
  • Keeping physical membership certificates for new members wasn’t popular at only 32%
  • Replacements with digital certificates but physical certificates for those who don’t have email addresses was most popular at 28% although a further 21% would want all digital and 16% would want those receiving a card to pay extra. DT recommendation – keep physical certificates only for those who have no email address and do not charge more.
  • Very similar trend with physical cards where only 35% still want them but 24% want physical cards send to those who have no email address. DT recommendation – keep physical cards only for those who have no email address and do not charge more.
  • Only 29% thought we should discontinue communications by post. DT recommendation – continue to post to those who have no email address but have a campaign to call those members to collect email addresses.
  • 42% of voters thought that those members who receive communication by post should be charged more. DT recommendation – do not charge more – adds another complex layer to pricing at a time when we are trying to simplify things and there isn’t a strong majority to do so.
  • Only 6% of members were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with how the income is spent.
Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. If you have any further comments to add, please emails us at with ‘membership survey’ in the subject line.