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The Home Run 

Final call for votes to protect Plough Lane

A  few weeks ago, the Dons Trust Board launched a vote to formalise some of the changes to our rules that our members decided on at the AGM in December. In essence, we need to meet certain criteria as these updates – many of which relate to the protection of our Plough Lane home against sale – involve Restricted Actions and require around 1,750 members to vote on them.

We’ve had a great response so far, with more than 1,500 already registering their views. That’s more than voted in the last Dons Trust Board elections!

But to get these protections formalised, we need a few more – around 250 extra member votes.

We’ve sent details to everyone with an email address. If you’ve voted already, thanks. If you’ve seen the email and not voted, please do. And if you’ve not seen it, please let us know – drop a line to the Dons Trust secretary on and they will forward you everything you need.

We need the votes in by the afternoon of Sunday 30 April – that gives us just 10 days to get it done. So please act now.

You can read more about the changes to our rules at  

Dons Trust members’ meeting 
The next members’ meeting will be on Sunday 30 April 2023 at our home in Plough Lane from 4.30 pm – 6 pm.  This meeting will take place immediately after the final AFC Wimbledon Women game of the season at Plough Lane, which kicks off at 2 pm.

From 6.30 pm on 30 April, AFC Wimbledon’s end of season dinner takes place – tickets are still available.

Election Steering Committee report  
Following recent requests from DT members, the report compiled for the Dons Trust Board by David Hall of the Election Steering Committee about the 2022 Dons Trust Board election has been published for all members to read on the Dons Trust website.
Junior Dons update 
The Dons Trust Board is delighted to announce that the Junior Dons will now be run in-house by AFC Wimbledon. Events like the Christmas party, Birthday and Christmas cards will continue as they do now.

The club want to provide a captivating, engaging offering for ticket buyers with the objective to attract future fans and future Junior Dons, which all on the Dons Trust Board fully endorse.

For more details of these new Junior Dons packages, check the AFC Wimbledon website. 

Many thanks to all those who helped create, produce and distribute the recent Junior Dons newsletter.

Junior Dons representatives will be presenting their Player of the Year with his trophy on the pitch ahead of the Tranmere game on 29 April.

Volunteers’ awayday 
More than 60 people who have given their time as a volunteer for club or Dons Trust activities this season attended this season’s volunteers’ awayday, ahead of the Stevenage away game on Saturday 15 April.

Made possible once again thanks to a generous donation from Iain McNay at Cherry Red Records, the volunteers were treated to coach travel, a pre-match meal, thank-you speeches from Ivor Heller, Iain McNay and Mick Buckley, and match tickets.

A number of these volunteers has not previously joined the awayday and said they’d be interested in more, regular volunteer get-togethers, to get to know each other’s skills and interests and collaborate on future projects. The Dons Trust Board welcome this and will be helping to facilitate it.

Well done and thank you to all our volunteers, whose selfless actions continue to save the Trust and AFC Wimbledon thousands of pounds every season.

AFC Wimbledon Women – cup final 
AFC Wimbledon Women look likely to finish runners-up in the FA National League Division One South East, with just one league game left to play.

They have the chance of cup glory though, taking on Arsenal’s Academy in the Capital Cup final. The final will take place at CB Hounslow on Wednesday 26 April, with a 7:45pm kick-off.

This game is all ticket – so please ensure you book your tickets online in advance.

Dons Trust ProBoards website  
The Dons Trust members’ ProBoards website was put into “maintenance mode” over the weekend of 25/26 March. Following an accidental publication of confidential information, some of which was of a personal nature, we needed to ensure that none of that information was or would be shared on our site. At this time, we also changed over the ProBoards moderators, to ensure the ongoing good running of the site.

We understand the frustration of those who use the site regularly, but as we hope all members appreciate that the protection of confidential information is a critical duty for anyone operating a forum such as ProBoards, and we believe that our actions were necessary and proportionate.

Open iftar  
Board member Chris Philips represented the Dons Trust at a recent open iftar event, held at Stamford Bridge as part of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting from before dawn to sunset, which this year is observed from Wednesday 22 March until Friday 21 April 2023.

An open iftar allows Muslims observing Ramadan the opportunity to gather to break their fast together as well as providing a safe space for mutual dialogue and engagement. The DTB are exploring options to bring such an event to Plough Lane in 2024.  Calling all copywriters  

The Dons Trust Board are always keen to communicate as regularly and effectively as possible with our members and the wider fanbase. To help us with this we are calling on any fans with copywriting and/or editing skills to help us.

Please email or tweet @TheDonsTrust if you think you could help out.

Dons Trust Board skills audit 

Using the templates from the Football Supporters’ Association, each DT board member has done their own skills audit. At present we do not feel the need to co-opt any new board members – however closer analysis of the skills audit will confirm if this is a necessary step.

Football Supporters’ Association board training  

As previously mentioned, board members have been attending online training sessions run by the Football Supporters’ Association, covering many aspects of being on the board of a Community Benefit Society (such as the DT). Richard Shepherd is the first to complete the training, with others hoping to catch him up in the next few weeks. Some of that training has already been put into use by board members, and we’ve all picked up tips and information which we are planning to use in future.

We’re hoping that any members who might be considering standing for the Board in the future might be interested in some of this training – let us know if that’s you

Dons Trust kiosk 

You can meet individual members of the Dons Trust Board in person in advance of every home game, to chat about any DT activities.

DTB members Matt Lowndes, Mark Lewis and Michele Little will be present at the Dons Trust Kiosk behind the Movers stands on the food concourse from 1 – 2.45 pm ahead of the Swindon and Tranmere games to field any questions you may have.

Alternatively, as we appreciate feedback and queries from members at all times – you can email with your thoughts and comments about DT activities, or tweet @TheDonsTrust

For any questions about tickets, the stadium, merchandise etc. – email the club on 

Thanks for reading and Come On You Dons!

The Dons Trust Board