The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Board Statement: Fans Forum

Following our board meeting on the 10th May, we also want to place on record that we were as a board, collectively concerned about the manner in which the Fans’ Forum was handled.

We have stressed to the club that it cannot be allowed to happen again. We have received assurances from the club that satisfy those concerns.

We also debated a motion proposed by one of the members of the DTB to recommend to the PLC board that the full recording of the Fans’ Forum be released by the club. This motion was not passed following a vote by the board, but it was not unanimous.


  1. You guys are getting more and more embarrassing.

    (I know you won’t publish this comment.)

    • Echoing Claire’s comments. I am a DT member I could not attend the forum and emailed in questions. The editing of the video removed responses to the emailed questions. I have asked you the DTB to request the club to release the full video. You are supposed to be representing us. There should have been no vote needed as enough members have asked for this.

      I have no confidence in the board anymore. If a motion of no confidence was put forward I would back it!

  2. It was the Fans Forum, meeting, why are you voting on it. It’s not your decision to make. I was unable to make the meeting and I am a Dons Trust Member, therefore I want to see the video, I don’t feel I need your permission to do so.

  3. With respect, I live in the US. As a DT member, do you expect me to hop on a plane for every meeting. All meetings should be recorded and made available to those that cannot attend.

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