The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club Owners14 June Dons Trust Board meeting

The latest Dons Trust board meeting was at Plough Lane. Kevin Rye wasn’t able to be there in person and so dialled in. All other board members were present. 

The board signed off the minutes for May for publication. These are now in the Board Minutes section on the website. 

Actions completed 

  • Dons Draw – recent new publicity has brought in some welcome additional subscribers. 
  • Agreement reached on AFC Wimbledon Women games at Plough Lane (see DT website for statement). 
  • The club taking on the Junior Dons. 
  • Co-options were also signed off via email during the week. An announcement will be made imminently (these roles are aimed at working with over membership of over 16s and general membership growth, as well as strengthening strategic planning and diversity & inclusion work). 
  • We also confirmed that the DT won’t vote on minority shareholders (see 10 May minutes). 

Other areas of discussion  

  • We had a discussion about debt management, particularly around the options to lay out in front of current bondholders, which we will be doing soon. 
  • DT management accounts reported – no issues, we expect a small surplus as usual. 

Theme groups 


  • Approved the formal financial policy & procedures (which is a codification of existing practice). This will go up on the website shortly. 
  • James reported back on the first meeting of the Joint Boards Nominations Committee and the options for adding skills, experience and diversity to the PLC board.  
  • The risk register wasn’t discussed due to time, but Richard has shared an update with board members on 15/06/23  


  • Reported that the group is due to meet next week, but Kev filed a short report, outlining Chris Phillips and Kris’s meeting with the club & Women of Wimbledon Supporters Association. 
  • Report also mentioned a productive meeting between Michele and WISH and we received an update on the Hall of Fame work. 

Culture and mission 

  • There is ongoing work to bring strategy updates to members later in the year. 

Member services and engagement 

  • Richard has joined this group.  
  • We have recruited a volunteer copywriter from the membership, who has already proved very helpful. 
  • We discussed the importance of recruitment and support of volunteers to the success of the club. 
  • We discussed planning for a new series of Meet the DTB events. 
  • There was a discussion about plans for matchday presence for next season. 


  • Chris Phillips is meeting with the club next week to discuss. 

The meeting closed at 21:15