Update: Chair of AFCW PLC/AFC Wimbledon

The boards of the Dons Trust and AFCW PLC have asked Mick Buckley to continue in his role as AFC Wimbledon Chair.

Mick, a lifelong Wimbledon fan, was appointed to the role of chair of the football club in November 2022 for a period of twelve months. He was also appointed to the role of AFCW PLC chair in January 2023. Prior to this he had served at the request of previous Dons Trust boards in various Non – Exec Director roles since 2013.

Dons Trust Board (DTB) Chair, Michele Little commented

“We are delighted that Mick has agreed to continue in his roles for the foreseeable future. With the search process for the next Managing Director underway, the Boards are all agreed that keeping things constant in the Club chair role provides much needed stability. It would be in the best interests of the Club for Mick to see the new MD settled in before any other changes are considered”.