Board meeting report 11/10/23

The latest Dons Trust board meeting was at Plough Lane on Wednesday evening, 11 October. All board members were present, bar Mark Lewis who gave apologies in advance due to a work commitment.

Introduction to new board members Angus, Anuk and Edward.

The board welcomed Anuk Teasdale and Angus Fox (co-opted) and Edward Leek (Casual Vacancy) to the board.

Oversight, Culture & Mission

SGM planning for 1 November including the DTB resolution to change our rules on the number of board members needed plus six member resolutions

We discussed the member consultation process on management of debt and agreed that the member wide survey should go out next week

Big Step survey

The results of a survey about affiliation to the campaign were discussed

Transfer fee policy

A policy on disclosure of transfer fees was discussed and should be put to the PLC next week
The risk register was reviewed


A discussion was had about how we should survey volunteers

Board Theme Groups

  • Community

WOWSA presented to the group on the work they’ve been doing

  • MS&E

The 16-24 advisory group met again and discussed how they could be more involved in membership growth and input to the club

The next Meet the DTB was discussed involving Kev and Mark.


The work being led by Kevin Rye was discussed. Good progress is being made to formalize a lot of processes and communications activities.