Dons Draw Results – September 2021

Dons Draw winners announced

We are delighted to announce the six winners of our Dons Draw for September.

Taking home this month’s prizes are…

1st prize of £1000 – Chris Butler

2nd prize of £500 – Keith Alleyne

3rd prize of £250  – Jake Lewis

4th prize of £100 – Peter Cork

5th prize of £100 – Stephen Nuttall

6th prize of £100 – Adam Wilson

Proceeds from the draw raise funds for our club – and you’re more..

Dons Draw results for March 2021

The March 2021 Dons Draw has taken place at Plough Lane. Winning numbers were drawn in the presence of Club Secretary David Charles, and two co-opted volunteers.


The winning ticket numbers and prizes for this draw were as follows:


1st prize of £1000 – ticket 2335 – Stephen Hawes – BN25

2nd prize of £500 – ticket 2263 – David Chan – SW17

3rd prize of £250 – ticket 1150 – Colin Gales – SW19

4th prize of..