Dons Draw winners for April

Dons Draw results revealed

Six winners announced for April

Congratulations to Ian Faux, who has won the top prize of £1,000 in the Dons Draw.

We’re delighted to reveal all six winners for April – and if you’ve not already entered the next Dons Draw it’s worth remembering that you’re much more likely to win something than when you buy a Lotto ticket!

The full winners for April are listed below:

1st prize of £1,000 – Ticket 4055 – Ian Faux – KT5

2nd prize of £500 – Ticket 0656  – Philip Godfrey – L17

3rd prize of £250 – Ticket 2652  – Jos Bernard – SW17

4th prize of £100 – Ticket 2916  – Anthony Woodley – HP1

5th prize of £100 – Ticket 2390  – Ian Bloor – GU27

6th prize of £100 – Ticket 0869  – Richard Milkins – KT18

The draw, which has raised valuable funds for the Club since it started back in 2004, takes place every month.

For more information about the Dons Draw and how to enter, please contact