Working hard behind the scenes


Dons Trust Secretary Tom Brown introduces the team of people who support the Dons Trust Board and tells us about the areas in which they work.


What we do


The Dons Trust secretariat supports the Board in a number of ways:

compiling agendas and minutes for the Board’s meetings each month preparing papers for general meetings and sending them out to members communicating with members via Webjam, Twitter and Facebook keeping the Trust’s website up to date..

Event organiser required for Junior Dons Christmas Party

The Dons Trust is looking for a volunteer to oversee, organise and run the annual Junior Dons (JDs) Christmas Party.

Jane Lonsdale, who has been running the event for the last 5 years is seeking a volunteer to take on the event. There is already a well-established template for how the JDs’ Christmas Party works that can be followed, but innovation is also welcomed if you have ideas for how to improve on previous parties. Jane is available to provide..

Volunteering at AFC Wimbledon (from the Aldershot programme)

Your Club Needs You!

Without our volunteers, the Dons Trust and AFC Wimbledon would not be where we are today. Whatever the role, their time and skills have helped shape our Club and had a massive impact on its success both on and off the pitch. And our volunteers bring advantages other clubs must eye with envy – financially of course, but also the sense of community from working together towards a common goal.

Dons Trust Board member Zoe Linkson..