Summary of the November Board meeting

The Dons Trust Board held its monthly meeting on Thursday 8 November.

With the Dons Trust AGM only a month away (on 13 December at 7.30pm), the Board spent time planning the topics to be discussed with Trust members. These include proposals from the Community Working group for a new community trust (for more on this click here) and a proposed new position of Associate Director.

Erik Samuelson reported on constructive discussions with the landowner and potential developers concerning a new stadium in Plough Lane.  The Board also discussed the latest AFCW PLC accounts, the quarterly Football Club Report (which included outstanding issues concerning the new North Stand) and arrangements for a possible 2nd Round FA Cup tie. Finally there was an update on the DT Board elections.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the Dons Trust website shortly.

And look out for further announcements soon about the Dons Trust Board elections.