DT membership: change to renewal process

All Dons Trust members please read on!

As has been discussed at the last two Dons Trust General Meetings and in recent membership renewal letters, we want to simplify the management of our membership process. So we are shifting to a single fixed-term membership period that will run from August to July – in line with the football season.

This approach will significantly reduce the workload on our hard-working volunteers and should also improve our service in terms of timely dispatch of membership cards, and so on, once the transition is complete.

This change kicks in from 1 September 2013, with all renewals from that point forward being for a reduced period (at a proportionately reduced cost), so that next year’s renewal dates for all members will be 1 August 2014. From that date, all memberships will run on a fixed annual basis, with new members joining during the year and paying pro rata for the balance of their first season.

We have tried to introduce this change with as little inconvenience to current members and to be cost neutral (or slightly beneficial to members who are Junior Dons or entitled to the concession rate).

If you have any questions on the process – either now or when your membership comes up for renewal – then please email them to membership@thedonstrust.org.