DT membership: change to renewal process

All Dons Trust members please read on!

As has been discussed at the last two Dons Trust General Meetings and in recent membership renewal letters, we want to simplify the management of our membership process. So we are shifting to a single fixed-term membership period that will run from August to July – in line with the football season.

This approach will significantly reduce the workload on our hard-working volunteers and should also improve our service in terms of timely dispatch of membership cards, and so on, once the transition is complete.

This change kicks in from 1 September 2013, with all renewals from that point forward being for a reduced period (at a proportionately reduced cost), so that next year’s renewal dates for all members will be 1 August 2014. From that date, all memberships will run on a fixed annual basis, with new members joining during the year and paying pro rata for the balance of their first season.

We have tried to introduce this change with as little inconvenience to current members and to be cost neutral (or slightly beneficial to members who are Junior Dons or entitled to the concession rate).

If you have any questions on the process – either now or when your membership comes up for renewal – then please email them to membership@thedonstrust.org.


  1. Hi,

    can I renew my membership just by paying directly to you bank account using IBAN code like I did last year?

    Br Tero

  2. The direct debit emails received today from First Capital Connect (who?) do not seem to match in any way (other than indicating a change taking place) what is said above. £13 from February for six periods; what period do they mean? Was anything sent out to DT members explaining this? I do not see any email and since our postal address is out of date (noted as per these emails), no letter received either.

  3. When I received the Direct Debit email this morning I thought it was a scam. I am very disappointed that the Dons Trust has not communicated what will happen very effectively and I have not even received a response to my email asking for confirmation that it was not a scam.

  4. I agree with Paul above I received the same..who are First capital?, £13 for six periods what six periods? I don’t remember receiving anything reference this particular company or six periods?

  5. I agree with post no 2 . What are 6 debits ? Company name was First Capital Cashflow . I have also not received any written communication from the Dons Trust . As long as the funds are going to the club that’s the main thing .

  6. I am also mystified by the email I received yesterday. 6 payments of £13? This isn’t the direct debit I signed up to. Can we please have urgent clarification from DT and First Capital Cashflow as to what payments they are proposing to collect and when?
    Thanks very much.

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