Direct Debit – correction

TDT logohe following is the text of an email sent to Dons Trust members paying their DT subscription by direct debit. We hope it satisfactorily responds to comments posted by members on the website about this issue, but please email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Dear Dons Trust member,

You may have recently received an email from First Capital Cashflow, the company that handles our Direct Debit payments. The email was sent in error and did not contain completely correct information.

As you are probably aware the Dons Trust plans to simplify its membership process, which is an option that has been discussed at recent general meetings. This will entail shifting to a single fixed-term membership period running from August to July, more in line with the football season. All the renewal letters over the last nine months have referred to this change and more recently full details have been given in the matchday programme and on the DT website.

This change kicks in from 1 September 2013, with all renewals from that point forward being for a reduced period (at a proportionately reduced cost), so that next year’s renewal dates for all members will be 1 August 2014. From that date, all memberships will run on a fixed annual basis, with new members joining during the year and paying pro rata for the balance of their first season.

As part of this process, we advised First Capital to amend your Direct Debit to reflect this. Unfortunately, making the change seems to have triggered an automatic email which is what you received. The first part of this email (i.e. the amount of the next direct debit deduction) is correct. However, the subsequent information is incorrect, you will actually revert to an annual payment to be taken every August, starting from August 2014. This payment will be at the normal annual rate.

We apologise for the confusion caused. Unfortunately, it was out of our hands but we hope that this email clarifies the situation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the DT on