Xavier WigginsManifesto Xavier Wiggins 

Proposers: Lee Willett and James Macdonald

Walking down the Haydon’s Road 

To see the Womble Aces 

Oh, the Lads, you should have seen us coming

Everywhere was yellow and blue, and everyone was running 

All the lads and lasses, smiles upon their faces 

Walking down the Haydon’s Road 

To see the Womble Aces. 


We are Wimbledon. That means something. Wimbledon means something. In the current world it means even more than before. We have spirit. We have energy. We have courage. We have nous. We don’t follow rules. We break them and make them. We are beautifully different. 

To “do a Wimbledon” used to only refer to our players battling the odds. We have now taken this far beyond the pitch. To do a Wimbledon these days could mean any number of things. The biggest bond raise in English football. The whole club being powered by a wonderful army of volunteers. Fan Ownership. The Academy. Dons Local Action. The Foundation. A shiny new ground when they said it was impossible. And so much more. 

I am standing for election because I have pride in who we are and what we have achieved coursing through my veins. I want to help take us even further, much further, as an outstanding fan owned club doing great things in the heart of our community. I want our fans and our community to share that pride and that passion and I want the rest of football to look at Wimbledon as the blueprint for fan owned clubs. I want us to take our responsibility even more seriously and be vocal on the subjects that matter. 

As Co-Founder of WISA, The Plough Lane Bond, The Dons Local Action Group, even the Hoof the Ball Up Fanzine and as Organiser of countless anti Dublin and M* demos, I help brilliant people to achieve great things. I campaign. I strip away the “b*llsh*t” and I try to do as little politics as possible. 

I will listen. I will learn. I will act. My job is to push YOUR agenda, not mine. 

If elected and, assuming that you agree these should be priorities, in addition to driving Dons Local Action, I would offer a minimum of 15 hours of my time each week to help with the following. 

  • Keeping the Foundation and Dons Local Action front and centre of all that we are and do
  • Reinforcing with every “touch point” that we are fan owned and immensely proud of what that means 
  • Driving further progress in communication, engagement and transparency 
  • Remembering to respect and appreciate all volunteers 
  • Ensuring that we support all diversity and inclusion initiatives 
  • Supporting all moves to improve the governance of the Dons Trust, membership numbers and the overall structure of the football club 
  • Working on the matchday experience
  • Helping to attract, engage and retain volunteers
  • Committing a portion of my time weekly to answering supporter questions and hearing your ideas 
  • Reporting on my activity as a DTB member on a monthly basis 
  • Remaining flexible and available enough to help tackle anything the world throws at us

Most of all, supporting Wimbledon should be fun and fulfilling. I aim to organise my life and my time in such a way that I can play an important part in driving that. 

Other bits and bobs about me. I am married with two teenagers. I live in Hampton. I own and run a property distribution business (Yawn!) and a snazzy start up called Office Checkers in the remote working space (Yay!). I co-manage two U16 football teams locally though am not quite sure how my complete lack of tactical or any other relevant playing knowledge has led to such a role. I have a dog, two cats, an improving darts average, a booming terrace voice, eclectic music taste, bundles of energy and I would be honoured to serve you on the Dons Trust Board. 

Thank you. 

Motto: Never forget to say thank you.