Phil MoodyManifesto Phil Moody

Proposers:  Barry Faust and Robin Bellamy

Wimbledon Football Club and AFC Wimbledon has always been close to me and my family. I was born in the area, but as our family moved to Hampshire when I was very young  I didn’t have the opportunity to attend games regularly until I was older, but when I started the feeling I got watching our team play was magnificent and I still get that feeling today. 

My Uncle John was a founding member of the Dons trust. He was very vocal and lobbied the FA on the clubs behalf at the time regarding the move from London. His membership was transferred to me when he sadly passed away in 2002, not long after the first few games for the new AFC Wimbledon, which he was incredibly proud of.

I still live on the south coast but attend as many games as I can. The excitement that builds up when I know I am going to watch my club is something very special to me and a feeling I love, which really shows my passion for the club.

Until recently my working career has evolved around football, especially within community projects, football development, disability programmes as well as education. The skills I have acquired within these roles include; interaction with children, young people and adults and understanding what needs they have. This has mainly been how the clubs and myself can support them. 

Other elements include; budget management, staff scheduling, leading on presentations as well as being involved in management meetings. I have also taken the lead on post 16 education, delivering a Btec in sports. This required me to teach many aspects of sport for example business management and planning sporting events.

I am also a qualified coach working at project level across the country as well as internationally. This work has taken me around the UK and across the globe to countries including Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Thailand and Colombia. 

Recently I moved into a different role as a fundraising officer within a disability charity. Fundraising has been an integral part of my previous roles and I thoroughly enjoy raising vital funds to help people who benefit greatly from the support of the charity. I also work with businesses to secure donations and funding, again to help support the work of the charity which enables them to enhance the service they can provide. The knowledge and understanding I have within fundraising would enable me to help contribute greatly to the aims and objectives of the club I love and I want to be part of.

I’m relishing the opportunity to put my name forward and to run for election as a Dons Trust board member. I am humbled by the amazing work put in by the current and previous board members and I believe I can enhance that. 

This is a team that has come so far already, who could have imagined we would be where we are after such a short period of time and now we are returning to Plough Lane, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to help take this club even further. 

So why should you vote for me? 

Firstly I am really keen to get all fans involved, I know there are individuals out there who have great ideas on how the club can achieve success in a variation of avenues, including the match day experience and communication. 

As much as we all can’t wait to get back to Plough Lane, I feel there is a real chance and need to engage further with the younger group of fans. Making them part of our history going forward, so like us more mature fans they grow up with memories to savour and they await each match day with the same excitement as I do. One idea I would like to put forward is setting up a youth board, which allows those fans to have their say and feel part of it too. 

I feel my skills as a communicator across all age ranges would be a great asset. I am never afraid to give my view, but I also ensure I listen to all other points before making an informed decision.

Through my roles with various football clubs I have gained good knowledge of business in football, allowing me to fully understand the issues on the table. I am an organised individual which means I can complete the required jobs which have been set for me within the timeframe expected. 

People have trust in me because when I say I will do something, I make sure it is done.

Being elected and being able to keep my families affliction with the club going which began with my Uncle John would be a great honour.