'We need your help' signVolunteer required to compile past members’ resolutions

At the SGM held on 30 September 2020, members voted in favour of a resolution requesting the Dons Trust Board to “review previous agendas and minutes to list all resolutions requisitioned by members and brought to General Meetings of all forms since the society was created in 2002, indicating what course of action the Board of the society recommended to members in each case.”

The Dons Trust Board is keen to get the process underway and is looking for a volunteer to lead this work. The volunteer will:

  • Liaise with the Trust’s Secretary to ensure that they have access to available papers for all SGMs since the Trust was established in 2002;
  • Compile a record of all the members’ resolutions, drawn up in such a way that it is clear which members’ resolutions passed and remain in effect and which did not pass;
  • Produce a document, for publication to members, which the Trust can use on an ongoing basis to keep this information current, including summary statistics on members’ resolutions.

Undertaking this task does not require extensive skills and it will not be a very time-consuming exercise. However, the following attributes would be helpful:

  • An understanding of how our Constitution works in relation to members’ resolutions (as distinct from resolutions proposed by the board);
  • Thorough and systematic approach, and attention to detail;
  • Ability to write and present information clearly, so that the document produced is a useful and convenient tool for board members and Trust members to refer to and update on an ongoing basis.

If you would be interested in undertaking this, please email secretary@thedonstrust.org by 16 November.