The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust Election 2020 – mini manifestos

This article was originally designed for the Wigan programme.


We are delighted to have eleven strong candidates who have put their names forward for the election to fill the five places on the Dons Trust Board. On the following pages you will find a short version of each candidate’s manifesto, provided by them. You can read their full manifestos as part of the ballot pack that has been sent to every member of the Trust. You can also read them online at

COVID-19 restrictions mean that this year’s elections are a bit different and there is no opportunity for physical campaigning. But we still hope and expect that all candidates will be actively seeking the votes of Dons Trust members and that the election will be conducted in a positive spirit.

A reminder that the closing date for returning your ballot papers is Saturday 5 December at midnight.

Dennis Lowndes


There are 3 generations of my family at AFC Wimbledon now and hope there will be more in the future as this is a family club and we need to grow it from within.

Coming back to Plough Lane will bring back a lot of people who supported Wimbledon FC. But they never supported the moves to Selhurst or Kingsmeadow, so I will try to get them back.

My aim is to grow Women’s Football in schools & colleges in the Local Boroughs.

I’m prepared to put a lot of hours in to help our community club as it will become a major community asset.

Phil Moody

Phil MoodyWimbledon Football Club and now AFC Wimbledon has always been part of my family’s life. The feeling I get watching our team play is amazing.

My working career has evolved around football, especially within community projects, football development, disability programmes as well as education. The skills I have acquired within these roles have helped me to understand what Football Clubs need to do to encourage and develop their fan base, especially for the young.

I have a great passion for AFC Wimbledon and being elected and representing you the fan, as well as keeping my family’s affliction with the club going which began with my Uncle John would be a great honour, and I will work tirelessly on your behalf.

Hannah Kitcher

Hannah KitcherIt’s been a huge honour and privilege to serve as a member of the Dons Trust Board for the last two years at such a pivotal time. I am proud to have been a voice to stand against diluting fan-ownership and to see how far we have managed to come since.

Much of my energy on the Board has been directed towards improving our communications, in particular through the introduction of online meetings. Fundamentally I believe that all members have an equal opportunity to engage in Dons Trust matters and so, with re-election, I will ensure this continues, in particular so that the upcoming strategy review, which will be crucial to shaping our future, is member-led.

Niall Couper

Niall Couper
I want the club to be the best.

Mascot in 1983
Editor of Yellow and Blue
Dons Trust founder member
Author of The Spirit of Wimbledon and This Is Our Time
Passionate advocate of fan ownership.

I endorse the 11-Point Yellow and Blue Plan

  • We want long term success
  • We are in a competitive market
  • We need to grow
  • We need to use our unique selling point – fan ownership – to the full
  • We need to appeal to new audiences
  • But we can only do so if we are authentic
  • It is no good talking the talk. We need to walk the walk
  • And we need everyone to help. We need to do it together

Roger Hobkinson

Home Advantage – Supercharged!Roger Hobkinson

Hello everyone, I would be honoured to serve you on The Dons Trust Board. Remaining in fan ownership, it is who we are, an appropriate club structure is needed to grab our big opportunities.

  • Lifelong supporter
  • Live in Wimbledon, 10 minutes’ walk from Plough Lane
  • On the original stadium working group, I instigated and undertook the stadium search and development strategy
  • 25 years’ in property, urban regeneration, development, tourism & business planning
  • A skill set to complete and then sweat our stadium “asset”
  • Enthusiastic team player
  • Strategy, delivery, and oversight not politics

My aim is to help us put down strong roots in Merton for those that will follow us as supporters of Wimbledon’s Football Club.

Andy SilvesterAndy Silvester

As a business journalist, I spend my life scrutinising companies big and small – and as a Chemflow (and now a South Stand) season ticket holder, I care about no ‘business’ more than our wonderful club. To be back in Wimbledon is an incredible achievement, delivered by some incredible people. And now we must build on their work, becoming part of the community, bringing a new legion of fans in to the club for the decades to come. I will focus on our matchday experience, our communications with the outside world and with the story we tell the world – of a scrappy little underdog club that has come so far, and has so far to go.

Trevor WilliamsTrevor Williams

For those that don’t know me, I have been a Wimbledon fan since my school days and was a regular at Plough Lane from the mid 1980’s.

Along with Ivor, Marc and Kris I was in the four involved with the start of AFC Wimbledon. I am immensely proud of the part I played in that – as we should all be proud of the success we have achieved since.

I believe fan ownership is paramount, the day we lose control of the club we risk everything we have achieved since 2002. I am not against outside investment, but the bottom line is we must retain control of our club. Our club should be at the heart of our community.

Charlie Talbot

Charlie TalbotI set up and ran the Plough Lane Bond to ensure we returned home a fan-owned club (more details of my past work in full manifesto).

If elected, I will continue to provide operational support to the club. And I will strive diligently to push for the changes we need in structure and governance.

We must ensure the operational board and working groups of the football club are adequately resourced. We must ensure we maximise the potential of our return home through media, marketing and commercial endeavours. We must ensure the amazing community work of the Foundation and DLAG grows and flourishes. We must match our footballing achievements with the quality of everything we do off the pitch.

Xavier WigginsXavier Wiggins

I am standing for election because I have pride in who we are and what we have achieved coursing through my veins. I want to help take us much further, as an outstanding fan owned club doing great things in the
heart of our community.

I’m Co-Founder of WISA, The Bond and DLAG.

If elected, I would offer a minimum of 15 hours of my time each week to help deliver on the tasks listed in my full manifesto, should you agree with them.

Supporting Wimbledon ought to be fun and fulfilling. I will organise my life and my time so that I can play an important part in driving that.

Manifestos are important. Honouring them is crucial.

Thank you

Freddy FlaxmanFreddy Flaxman

Freddy Flaxman is an ardent supporter of AFC Wimbledon, inspired by the supporter-owned story of the club. He would be honored to bring his business experience to the Dons Trust.

Most recently, Flaxman served as Chief Digital Officer of Creative Artists Agency, the global talent agency. While there, he ran the company’s media businesses, including a ticketing company and E-commerce brands.

Flaxman earlier served as Chief Operating Officer of The Weather Channel, one of America’s most wellknown media brands. For his work, Flaxman was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Flaxman began his career at McKinsey & Co. consulting for sports leagues. He graduated with honors from Princeton University and is an active alum of Harvard Business School.

Luke MackenzieLuke Mackenzie

Hi, I’m Luke and for the last 2 years I have had the privilege and (mostly) pleasure of being a Dons Trust Board member.

I passionately believe in fan ownership and believe in the power of our fanbase. We are the heart and soul of the club.

I have been involved in the stadium build as a member of the stadium working group and have a good understanding of the challenges that still lie ahead before Plough Lane is fully completed.

I will continue challenging and supporting the club and PLC as appropriate and will also push for the voice of the fans and membership to be heard above all else.