Elections AheadDons Trust Board Elections 2020 – Manifestos

The manifestos of all candidates standing for this year’s Dons Trust Board are now available.

You can either download all the manifestos here [1MB colour PDF] or click on the individual candidate’s name below to view their manifesto.

The following have been nominated for the election to fill five places on the Dons Trust Board :

Click on the name of a candidate to see their manifesto :

(This is the order they will appear on the ballot paper following a random draw conducted by our independent scrutineer).

The ballot packs have already been sent out to members who receive their communications from the Dons Trust by post and emails are going out to all other members who receive their communications from the Trust electronically today (Saturday 7 November, 2020). Please lookout for the email.

The deadline for receiving ballots back is midnight on Saturday 5 December 2020.

Due to COVID-19, there won’t be any in-person hustings and campaigning will be limited to electronic means, but we still hope that this election will be a vibrant contest and a rewarding experience for all the candidates, as well as for the Trust and the Club. We hope that all campaigning will be undertaken in a positive spirit and want outsiders, as well as fans, to have a higher opinion of the Trust and our club after the election is over.

If you have any questions about the election, please contact elections@thedonstrust.org. We will try to respond to comments on social media but cannot monitor everything all of the time and so the email address is the best option.

Alex Folkes

Chair – Elections Steering Group