Bring the Dons homePlough Lane Bond: Donations of Interest

Some bondholders have kindly contacted the Dons Trust to ask about reducing the interest rate on their bond or waiving interest payments.

The DT are very grateful to bondholders who have suggested this, recognising the change in the financial landscape since the Bond was launched. We cannot, however, do it at this late stage as it will create considerable administrative complexity (bearing in mind that these are 5, 10 or 20-year loans with agreed terms and conditions).

However, if you would like to help reduce the cost to the Trust and our Club of the loans, the best way to achieve this would be to donate some or all of the interest you receive back to the Trust.

If you are considering doing this, please remember that you may be liable for tax on the interest you receive, whether or not you donate it back to us. So you may wish to hold some money back from your donation, to cover any tax liability on the interest earned (NB we regret we are unable to provide you any advice on tax matters).

If you wish to make a donation, then this can be done through Paypal using this link on the Dons Trust website or by making a bank transfer to the following account:

The Dons Trust Stadium Appeal Account
Sort code 089299
Account number 65096473.

Any donations will be gratefully received.