Elections AheadHustings videos: Dons Trust Board Elections 2020

Hustings for this year’s Dons Trust Board elections were held on Sunday from 11:30 to 17:00 GMT.

The 9yrspodcast team presented the live hustings via Zoom.

All 11 candidates were interviewed for 20 minutes with live questions from DT members invited.

We would like to thank the 9yrspodcast team for hosting this year’s hustings. All interviews are now available on the 9yrspodcast YouTube channel. You can also click on each candidates’ name to watch their interview.

The show schedule was as follows:

11:30 – Show starts

11:35 – Phil Moody

12:00 – Roger Hobkinson

12:25 – Freddy Flaxman

12:50 – Andy Silvester

13:15 – Xavier Wiggins

13:35  – Break

14:35 – Dennis Lowndes

15:00 – Luke MacKenzie

15:25 – Hannah Kitcher

15:50 – Niall Couper

16:15 – Charlie Talbot

16:40 – Trevor Williams

17:00 – End of show

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  1. Necessity breeds invention … question to all candidates…
    if we enshrine Fan ownership, that is no turning back…No sell out for any reason ..
    do you believe that innovation will spring from the permanent status of Fan ownership … and if yes what structures would you put in place to encourage and harness innovation…
    PLB is an example of this..

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