AFC Wimbledon & The Dons Trust Governance update and 2020/21 financial review

June marks the end of the club’s financial year, so as part of the Dons Trust Board’s commitment to transparency we are presenting the membership an overview of the financial position. June is also the mid-point of what has been a very busy year for the club and Trust. Following on from our stated priorities for 2021, and as a summary of some of what we have been doing, we also present an overview of some governance changes.

Below we’re sharing two papers, which provide a high-level overview.

On the governance side, there is still work in hand fleshing out some of the details, and updating terms of reference and further paperwork, but the overall two-board structure is now live and in place.

Download the governance update [pdf] or view online here.

The overall financial position lays out the next urgent need to refinance the short-term bridging loan that was required to finish the building of Plough Lane. We also explain ways in which members can help with this. We are grateful to the work of the finance committee in exploring all options – clearly the impact of the COVID pandemic, and the fact the opening of the stadium has been delayed has made this a more challenging environment in which to be seeking lending and investment.

Anyone who wants to assist further on the financial side should contact Ed Leek, who is the Dons Trust representative on the finance committee.

Download the 2020/21 financial review [pdf] or view online here.

If you have any further questions on the information in these two documents, we recommend using the ‘ask the board’ section on ProBoards. If you aren’t registered for ProBoards (the members-only site) you can do so by following this link  and registering for an account (you need to use your full name and set up a password). Once your name has been cross-referenced with the membership database you will receive access.

We’re looking forward to the Club’s announcement of the next test events and pre-season friendlies following the Government’s update on COVID guidelines, and can’t wait to see a full Plough Lane getting behind the team to celebrate the incredible achievements of our fantastic fanbase working together to bring the Dons home.

Best wishes,

Jane Lonsdale and Xavier Wiggins,

Dons Trust Board Co-Chairs