Vote2021 Dons Trust Board Election

VoteYour chance to help set the direction of your club.

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) runs the Trust and is elected by the Trust’s members on a one member, one vote basis.

Elections to the board take place every year, with half the positions on the board up for election each time.

The results of each election are announced at that year’s Dons Trust annual general meeting, held in December.

As a member of the Trust you have the right to stand for election yourself. To find out more about what it’s like to be a member of the Dons Trust Board get in touch with one of the current members and they will be happy to tell you more about what it involves.

The key dates are as follows:

  • Opening of Nominations: 8th October
  • Close of Nominations: 29th October
  • Manifestos sent out: 3rd November
  • Ballots sent out: 12th November
  • Ballot deadline: 4th December

This Announcement of Election formally starts the election process to fill those five vacancies.

Full details of the election process can be found Election Nominations Announcement 2021 Final (1)

How to nominate can be found Election Nominations Application Form 2021 Final

and Election Nominations Application Form 2021 Final

Rules of the election can be found 2021 Election Rules Final


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