The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersChanges to AFC Wimbledon PLC

Following a Dons Trust Board meeting ahead of the turn of the year, and further to the results of the recent DTB election, the board has acted to update its representation on the AFC Wimbledon PLC board.With Jane Lonsdale and Ed Leek having stepped down from the DTB, and with Hannah Kitcher standing down from the PLC, Kris Stewart, Freddie Flaxman and Michele Little have been appointed to the PLC. This will require ratification by the membership at the next DT SGM.

Kris StewartFreddy FlaxmanMichele LittleThe PLC now consists of:Iain McNayMick BuckleyNick RobertsonJoe PalmerXavier WigginsCharlie TalbotFreddie FlaxmanMichele LittleKris StewartThis line-up ensures a majority DTB presence on the PLC.