The Dons Trust reopens membership applications and renewals

As previously announced, the Dons Trust and AFC Wimbledon have been working hard to include the administration of Trust membership within AFC Wimbledon’s ticketing system in order to consolidate contact details and use the Ticketing system’s payment methods.

This work has now been completed and we are delighted to announce that Membership renewals and new Membership applications are now live again (see below).

The new setup allows members to update their own contact details using their Ticketing account. As part of the merge, we created Fan Ids and Ticketing accounts where the member did not have one before. We are today sending out renewal notices to all members who need to renew, detailing their Fan Id and the link to use to renew online.



Direct debit payers

Members who pay by Direct Debit will have already been renewed and we have today sent out renewal acknowledgements to them to confirm.

Recent new members

In keeping with our existing procedures, anyone who joined the Trust in the last few months will have had their membership extended for the new membership year and do not need to renew. We have sent acknowledgements to all affected members.

Junior Dons

One important change to Memberships has been the transfer of Junior Dons administration to AFC Wimbledon and all previous Trust Junior Dons have been notified of the new arrangements for them.

Under the new arrangements, Junior Dons (those aged 0-15) will be administered by AFC Wimbledon. When a Junior Dons reaches age 16 during the membership year, they will automatically transfer (on the following July 1st) to a full Young Adult Trust membership (with voting rights) for free for the first year.

If you have any questions please contact