Bring the Dons homePlough Lane Bond: Donations of Interest

Some bondholders have kindly contacted the Dons Trust to ask about reducing the interest rate on their bond or waiving interest payments.

The DT are very grateful to bondholders who have suggested this, recognising the change in the financial landscape since the Bond was launched. We cannot, however, do it at this late stage as it will create considerable administrative complexity (bearing in mind that these are 5, 10 or 20-year loans with agreed terms and conditions).

However, if you..

Tonight’s historic game

It is with great sadness that tonight’s historic game, our first home game in almost 30 years, must be played behind doors.

However, we are pleased to have been able to extend the opportunity to join remotely by sponsoring the match against Doncaster Rovers and offering around 300 Dons Trust members free iFollow passes.

We also hope you’ll get involved with the celebrations remotely by sending in videos and photos during the day using the hashtag #BackToPloughLane on Twitter and..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersThank you and a vital message

We would like to state our thanks to all the fans and groups who stepped forward with offers to buy passes for fans who may have otherwise struggled to watch our historic first game back at Plough Lane.

On Friday we announced that the Dons Trust would be sponsoring the game versus Doncaster and that we would be giving away 250 iFollow passes to those who need them so that as many members as possible could share the experience on..

Bring the Dons homeThank you for bringing us home!

On the eve of AFC Wimbledon’s first match at Plough Lane, Dons Trust Chair Mark Davis expresses his thanks to everyone who’s had a hand in the Dons’ return to Plough Lane.

Tomorrow marks a landmark day in the history of AFC Wimbledon, when our first team will turn out for the first home match in Merton following a diaspora one day short of 29½ years. It will be a strange experience, in some ways, with our fans not able..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersDons Trust match sponsorship and pass update

Further to our earlier announcement that the Dons Trust would be giving away 250 free iFollow passes to members for Tuesday’s historic game, we are able to confirm that those 250 passes have now been snapped up.

While we cannot all attend the match in person, we are delighted that these 250 members will now be able to in some way share the experience of our first game back at Plough Lane. We would also like to thank those members..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersThe Dons Trust sponsors first game back at Plough Lane

November 3 marks a historic day in the story of Wimbledon’s football club – 131 years and one day since Wimbledon Old Centrals first took to the field we are playing a game back at Plough Lane. And, while we can’t all be there to enjoy it, we want as many of the club’s owners as possible to share the experience.

We know times are tough. Many of our members have told us about job losses and money worries. To..

Update on the Plough Lane Bond

Amidst the recent flurry of activity on debentures, we take this opportunity to provide a brief update on the Plough Lane Bond.

Few supporters will need reminding of the extraordinary success of the Plough Lane Bond, which rapidly raised over £5 million for the stadium financing following its launch in January. Our thanks go to everyone who bought bonds and to the small band of individuals who put in so much work to get it launched.

Understandably, subscriptions have slowed..

Dons Debenture – Priority Group 4 now LIVE!

Following a very successful reservation period amongst AFC Wimbledon Season Ticket holders, bookings are now open for Priority Group 4, including all Dons Trust members.

From today, Dons Trust members, Seedrs investors, Plough Lane Bond holders and AFCW PLC shareholders are able to reserve their seats in the West Stand and East Stand.

We’d like to remind fans from this group who are NOT previous year’s season ticket holders that you can only secure your seat by committing to a..

Plough LaneSolutions for season 20/21: We want your views

We’re facing some of the toughest challenges to ever confront football – ones that impact on every club, and not just ours.

Top of the list is how we replace our essential match-day income next season. The summer months are when all football clubs plan ahead for the new season. This is when we sort out player contracts and build a squad for the campaign ahead. The money we receive from season ticket sales is vital to see us through..

The Dons Trust AFC Wimbledon Club OwnersNew minority investor – FAQs

Further to the stadium announcement on 28 May, The Dons Trust have produced a FAQ document seeking to answer your questions about our new minority investor and how the share sale affects ownership and control of AFC Wimbledon.

In short, Nick Robertson has purchased 10% of AFCW PLC and 10% of the votes in AFCW PLC. The Dons Trust remains in control with more than 75% of the voting rights. The money raised by the share sale – alongside the..